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Home to 8.5 million people and, for one semester, home to SLU Interns

Emily Baldwin '16, Elle Lucas '16 and Emma Cummings-Krueger '16

For the Spring 2016 semester, Zhongxin (Josey) Wang ’17 joined about a dozen other St. Lawrence University students and headed to New York City for a different kind of study abroad experience. 

For students interested in finance or the arts, St. Lawrence’s Liberal Arts in New York City semester offers the ability to intern in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Recognizing that the work environment and St. Lawrence are very different, Wang applied to the New York City semester in order to take classes and also learn from experienced individuals. 

During her internship at quantitative hedge fund Engineers Gate, Wang found her calling in finance and computer science while working closely with her sponsor, Zhihong “Hook” Huang ’02.

“As a liberal arts school, St. Lawrence hones our ability to learn rather than teaching specific skills,” said Wang, who originally hails from Guang Zxou, China. “My experience in New York City tested my ability to learn and work in the philosophy of a liberal arts college.”

New York City comes alive in the springtime, but nowhere is the city more vibrant than inside the gates of Central Park, where Molli Richards ’17 interned with the Central Park Conservancy. 

“I heard that the NYC semester offered amazing internship opportunities as well as opportunities to connect with SLU alumni,” said Richards, who is from Massena, New York. “I chose to spend my semester in New York City to explore my possible career interests.”

Richards connected with Judy Angelo ’64, a St. Lawrence honorary degree recipient, songwriter and consistent mentor for students on the New York City semester. As a result, Richards was able to secure a position working under the Institute for Urban Parks.

“During college, our time is dedicated purely to learning and investing in ourselves. When you enter the workforce, all that scholastic learning has to be translated into betterment of a company,” Richards said “I want to continue to become a well-rounded SLU student in my remaining year at St. Lawrence in order to by flexible in the ever-changing job market.”

Andrew Carvalho ’17 took an arts management course with Will Weiss, the director of Big Apple Circus, and learned what it’s like to manage a non-profit business organization from building budgets to market planning to staffing. For his internship, Drew worked with Kieran Pinney ’02 at TAG Financial Groups, where he helped develop pitch-books for their investors.

“Being exposed to this environment allows me to see how my supervisors tackle challenges, deal with stress, and then overcome it,” he said. “My experience in the New York City Semester has been a great stepping stone and taste of what lies ahead after graduating St. Lawrence.”’

The New York City experience is just another way for students to find out where they feel at home in their careers.

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Zhongxin (Josey) Wang of China worked with St. Lawrence alumnus Zhihong "Hook" Huang '02 during her internship with the hedge fund Engineers Gate. (Photo courtesy of Alex Kusak-Smith '12)
Molli Richards '17 (left) of Massena, NY, interned with the Central Park Conservancy. She is pictured with Lily Barrows '17 of Byfield, MA. (Photo courtesy of Alex Kusak-Smith '12)
Andrew Carvalho '17 (left) of Somerville, MA, interned at The Alberleen Group and was supervised by St. Lawrence alumnus Kieran Pinney '02. (Photo courtesy of Alex Kusak-Smith '12)