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st. lawrence university magazine | spring 2015


on campus




Joe Keniston

’05, M’07 is

St. Lawrence’s

new director

of Laurentian



began his job on March

16, taking over for Kim

Robinson Hissong ’94, who

was promoted to associate

vice president for University

advancement. Keniston had

been co-director of sports

information, concentrating

on athletics marketing and

special events such as Athletics

Hall of Fame inductions.

Steven White,

professor of

modern languages and

literatures (Spanish),

has donated 120 copies

of his book,

Arando el

aire: la ecología en la

poesía y la música de


, to students

at the Colegio La Salle

in León, Nicaragua.

Each member of the next

graduating class will receive

a complimentary copy of

his study of Nicaraguan

poetry and music that has an

environmental focus.

Laura Rediehs,


professor of philosophy

and coordinator of

peace studies,

is the

author of an essay for the

Carnegie Council that

became its most popular

website resource posted in

2014. Her essay, “From

Dehumanization to

Rehumanization” argues for

the restoration of human

dignity and reassertion of

the priority of humans above

systems originally intended

to serve humanity.




has once

again included

St. Lawrence

University in its

list of Best Values in

Private Colleges.


the University was named

Best Campus in New York



in large part to students

who completed its survey,

receiving “A” grades for food,

housing and technology.

St. Lawrence also came in at

number 12 nationally. To

view the full report, visit


Cheryl Stuntz

has been

appointed to

the Absalom

Graves Gaines

Professorship of


A sport

psychologist, she won the

Maslow Award, given to a

faculty member who shows

great interest in the welfare

of the student body as a

whole, in 2013.




A roundup of news from campus.

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need without having to pay very much.

Two, it’s right here on campus. Three, it

keeps a bunch of stuff out of trashcans.”

One of Hannah’s most important du-

ties as store manager is keeping track of

how many items they’ve helped repurpose

throughout the year. The store’s popular-

ity spikes during the annual sale at the

beginning of the fall semester. Here, the

staff works tirelessly to find new homes

for scores of goods that were discarded at

the end of the previous spring semester.

At the fall 2014 sale alone, they sold over

500 items.

A plethora of affordable treasures awaits

small, tan barn is

nestled behind a

cluster of theme

residences on

University Avenue. One might miss it

at first glance. This nondescript build-

ing is, in fact, one of the subtle gems of

sustainability embedded in St. Lawrence’s

campus. The Barn Good Thrift Store has

had its doors open to both students and

community members since 2005.

According to Hannah Drummond ’15,

above, manager of Barn Good, the store’s

benefits are three-fold: “One, it’s a great

way to get all of the dorm supplies you


You Can Get

Anything You Want….

patrons in the busy little space, ranging

from clothing to area rugs to kitchen

appliances. Hannah says that the store

is an especially valuable resource for

international students, who are unable to

bring bulky provisions like heavy winter

clothing overseas.

As she sifts through a heap of new

donations, finding spots for the eclectic

mix of t-shirts and knick-knacks on the

barn’s cluttered shelves, Hannah reflects

upon Barn Good’s importance. She says

with a smile, “This place really encour-

ages a sense of community on campus.

It’s like having a giant dress-up box!”


An old carriage barn off University Avenue has

been converted into a recycled goods store.




By Samantha Weber ’15

film for which University Trustee

Sarah Johnson


was executive producer took top honors at

February’s Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles.

“Birdman, or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”

won best picture, best director, best original screenplay and best


. The movie “epitomizes much of Hollywood—

showy, ego-mad, desperate for artistic credibility,” according to

an Associated Press article.

Johnson began financing socially-minded documentaries

approximately 10 years ago. She later branched out into

independent films, according to a story in

The Hollywood


. Other films she has produced include

The Devil’s Knot

and the historical drama

The Immigrant

, both released in 2013.

Last fall, the documentary

The Invisible War

, for which Johnson

was part of a team of executive producers, won two Emmys. That

film addresses sexual assault in the U.S. military.

Johnson-Affiliated Film Takes Four Oscars