CLASS OF 1979 Gloria J. McAdam died January 15, 2019, at her home in Canton, New York. She majored in government and studied in Washington, D.C., for a semester. On campus, she was involved with the Environmental Awareness Organization and the Student Environmental Action Organization. Gloria spent most of her adult life in Hartford, Connecticut, where she was the president and CEO of FoodShare of Greater Connecticut for 25 years. Upon returning to the North Country, she became executive director of GardenShare. She was a loving foster mother over the years and stayed involved in the Canton United Methodist Church, the Canton Rotary, and the Cub Scouts. She is remembered by her four children and their families. CLASS OF 1982 Nancy Felton Hughes died December 29, 2018, at her home in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. She graduated with a B.A. in economics and French. A sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, she played field hockey, Nordic skied, and studied abroad in France. She worked as a marketing executive for Sail Magazine, Atex Computer Co., and Felonic Co. before becoming a mother of three children who are among those remembering her. CLASS OF 1983 Enid Wonnacott died January 19, 2019, at her home in Huntington, Vermont. At St. Lawrence, she majored in biology and first learned about organic agriculture while working for a nearby organic dairy farm. In 1987, Enid joined the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont and her accomplishments were recognized with induction into the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame last summer. See more about Enid on page 31. CLASS OF 1985 George W.M. Thomas II died December 21, 2018, in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He majored in psychology and sociology, worked as an admissions tour guide, and was involved with the Thelomathesian Society, the Outing Club, the Riding Club, and the Crew Club. He graduated from Syracuse University College of Law and enjoyed a career as an attorney. As an Eagle Scout, passionate hunter and conservationist, George was former president of Campfire Club of America. He enjoyed spending time doing outdoor activities with his family and friends at his second home in Vermont. CLASS OF 1986 Kathleen “Kathy” Speno died January 11, 2019, in Savannah, Georgia. She majored in sports and leisure studies and played basketball. As the top scorer, she led the St. Lawrence team to its first ever NCAA appearance and was inducted into the SLU Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017. After graduation, Kathy served as an assistant women’s basketball coach at St. Lawrence, Princeton, and Central Connecticut University. In 1999, she launched the Speno Personal Fitness Studio in Savannah, Georgia. She loved cycling and competed in the women’s division of the Tour de France cycling competition. CLASS OF 1987 R. Scott Giguere died November 22, 2018, at his home in Killington, Vermont. He majored in fine arts and government at St. Lawrence. Passionate about skiing, hiking, construction, and developing and running Charity’s Restaurant, Scott lent his interest and expertise to the development of Killington as a popular ski area. Those remembering him include his mother and son. IN MEMORY LISTING CLASS OF 1946N Jules E. Scheinzeit , November 25, 2018 CLASS OF 1948 Theodore D. “Ted” Millspaugh , December 20, 2018 CLASS OF 1948 Virginia Swift Pierce , December 18, 2018 CLASS OF 1949 Peter Lott , January 4, 2019 CLASS OF 1949 A. Stuart O’Brien , October 4, 2017 CLASS OF 1950 Astrid Remmler Martin , August 22, 2018 CLASS OF 1950 Ann Leamy McPhee , December 15, 2018 CLASS OF 1950N Susan Norcross O’Brie n, July 23, 2017 CLASS OF 1951 Neil A. Armstrong , November 27, 2018 CLASS OF 1951 Philip “Doc” Martinez , January 25, 2019 CLASS OF 1951 Frederick C. “Fritz” McCabe Jr. , June 12, 2018 CLASS OF 1952 Margaret “Peggy” Over Beard , November 17, 2018 CLASS OF 1952 Anne Jackson Gaulding , October 18, 2018 CLASS OF 1953 John B. Soule , July 5, 2018 CLASS OF 1953 Richard D. Stacy , January 27, 2019 CLASS OF 1953 William W. Wedge Jr. , September 17, 2018 CLASS OF 1954 Virginia “Ginnie” Trowbridge , January 25, 2019 CLASS OF 1955M Nicholas Barberio , October 22, 2018 CLASS of 1955 Charles M. Wright , October 21, 2018 CLASS OF 1956N Beverly Belanger Berry , December 14, 2018 CLASS OF 1956 William A. Sylvester , October 24, 2018 Let’s tell the campus lore before memory fades and before participants can no longer add to or dispute what is here related. It was a spring night, perhaps 1956, cool and breezy, when three collegians abducted a cow from a pasture near Payson Hall. The animal was led northward past the Men’s Residence, Hepburn, and Gunnison Memorial Chapel to Richardson Hall. Once there, she was encouraged to climb the outside stairs to the fourth floor, where she was found the next morning bellowing her distress. Was the incident, as some believe, the result of compassion from a few members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity concerned about the animal on a particularly cold and damp night? Or could there have been a more prankster appeal to the ordeal? We may never know the truth of the matter. n JOYCE CALDWELL RHODES '57, CLASS REPORTER It was a spring night in 1956, cool and breezy… The School of Agriculture, St. Lawrence University was founded in 1906 and became the New York State Agricultural and Technical Institute (ATI) in 1941, incorporated into the State University of New York system in 1948, and relocated to what is now SUNY Canton in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. CLASS OF 1957 Diane Will Fountain , May 28, 2018 CLASS OF 1957 Erik I. Sandvik , October 14, 2018 CLASS OF 1959 John W. “Trey” Cryer III , October 13, 2018 CLASS OF 1959N Elizabeth Klimow Dowling , December 16, 2018 CLASS OF 1959 Charles F. “Chuck” Hager , December 30, 2018 CLASS OF 1959 David L. “Dave” Powell , December 5, 2018 CLASS OF 1959 Kryder Van Buskirk , July 8, 2018 CLASS OF 1960 James “Jim” Harvey , November 26, 2018 CLASS OF 1960 Norman S. McFall , January 12, 2019 CLASS OF 1961N Carol Peach Lasselle , January 15, 2019 CLASS OF 1963 David S. Gay , November 18, 2018 CLASS OF 1964 William F. Rivet , October 27, 2018 CLASS OF 1965 Edwin H. Stuart , September 26, 2018 CLASS OF 1969 Pamela Clark Surratt , December 16, 2018 CLASS OF 1976 Raymond E. Kondrat , January 21, 2019 CLASS OF 1979 Meredith Edgcomb Campbell , January 5, 2018 CLASS OF 1983 Daniel M. Francia , November 8, 2018 CLASS OF 1997M William F. Bogardus , November 24, 2018 CLASS OF 1998M Cynthia L. Deleel , January 8, 2019 EXTENDED LAURENTIAN FAMILY E. Garrett “Garry” Bewkes Jr ., son of Eugene G. Bewkes (1945-63), St. Lawrence’s longest-serving president, died on Monday, January 7, 2019 in New York City. His career spanned decades as a top executive in the food, beverage and consumer products industries and service on numerous boards in the financial service industry. Garry lost his wife of more than 50 years, Marjorie Klenk Bewkes, in 2007. Father of E. Garrett “Gar” Bewkes III ’72 and grandfather of Barrett Bewkes Higgins ’06 and Caroline Bewkes ’17, he is survived by his three children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Frederick A. Klingenstein , former St. Lawrence Trustee, esteemed financier, and investment advisor passed away on January 5, 2019 at the age of 87. Born and raised in New York City, Fred was the son of the late Esther and Joseph Klingenstein and loving brother of recently deceased John Klingenstein. He attended Deerfield Academy, Yale University, Harvard Business School and received a Doctor of Humane Letters from St. Lawrence University in 1986. He is survived by his four daughters, including Kathy Klingenstein ’76 and her husband Robert Miller ’75, 11 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. FACULTY/STAFF Carol H. Smithers , who served St. Lawrence from 1946 to 1989, died on January 6. Carol came to St. Lawrence two years after graduating as the Class of 1944 valedictorian of Heuvelton Central. She worked in many departments throughout her tenure. In addition to her dedication to her professional duties, she was an avid Saints hockey fan and she loved the New York Yankees. ‘In Memory’ is compiled by Alice David. We will publish in “In Memory” detailed memorial notices of the passing of Laurentians if we receive the information from a family member or friend in the form of a previously published notice (typically from a newspaper). Please send notices to Alice David, University Advancement, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617 or adavid@stlawu.edu . We will provide the name and, if available, date of death of others of whose passing we learn, and the complete list of recent deaths can be found on the University’s website at alumni.stlawu.edu. Sharing the news of a death The designation “N” with class numerals indicates that the individual did not graduate from St. Lawrence. The designation “M” with class numerals indicates that the individual earned a master’s degree from St. Lawrence in the year given. stlawu.edu/magazine Spring 2019 | 81 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 80 FROM THE ARCHIVES IN MEMORY