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Defining Laurentian
What exactly is a Laurentian?
An incoming member of St. Lawrence’s Class of 2018 asked this question in late
April while chatting with current students. Surprisingly, describing “Laurentian”
to someone not familiar with St. Lawrence can prove difficult. It’s the feeling and
emotion that come with hearing the word. Certain traits make us who we are, but
alone they don’t do “Laurentian” justice. So for five days beginning in late March,
we turned to you to tell the world what it means to be a member of this commu-
nity that makes us so proud.
The first-ever Laurentian for Life Week, March 30 through April 3, was a way for
all Laurentians, near and far, to come together. The phrase ”Laurentian for Life”
has been around for some time, but this was the first time St. Lawrence planned a
week filled with events, both on and off campus, to celebrate the lifelong connec-
tions that Laurentians have with each other and with their alma mater.
The idea for the week surfaced on campus a few years ago. Throughout the last
year, the Philanthropy Task Force (a group of 40 faculty, staff and students) and
the Alumni Executive Council developed events surrounding the five pillars we
believe Laurentians embody: serving, learning, connecting, giving and celebrating.
These traits alone don’t make us unique from other colleges; it’s how we inter-
weave them into every part of our lives that sets us apart.
Through countless Facebook posts, 416 tweets, and 356 Instagram photos and
videos across those five days, Laurentians around the world told the St. Lawrence
By Meg Bernier ’07, M’09
When we share
our favorite
St. Lawrence stories,
Laurentians shed
light on why
the bonds within
our community
are so strong.
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