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summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 25
24 summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
story by sharing their own experiences in
their own words. Through these anec-
dotes, they defined “Laurentian” far bet-
ter than has ever been done before.
Laurentians Serve
An unpredicted foot of new snow greeted
campus the morning of Sunday, March
30, the first day of Laurentian for Life
Week: Laurentians Serve. It was almost
poetic that the event was kicked off with
the kind of weather that is also such a de-
fining part of the St. Lawrence experience.
But just like any winter weather, it
didn’t stop students from getting out and
helping people and organizations gear
up for the anticipated arrival of spring.
More than 80 students took part in com-
munity service activities that day, includ-
ing the students who spent the afternoon
prepping the food for Campus Kitchens,
a group that hosts a free dinner for locals
every Monday.
On social media, students and alumni
shared how they serve their communities
as well as St. Lawrence.
This fall I got to help organize
and run a polar plunge event
with the First-Year Council!
We raised money for the St.
Lawrence Renewal house. SLU
loves to serve the community
and this is one way I got make
a difference. #stlawrenceu
Trying to make the most of
the snow! Great way to come
back from our day of service!
#SLU helped me discover my-
self by pushing me to step out
of my comfort zone. I climbed
a mountain, I walked my way
onto a college hockey team and
I discovered my desire to teach...
#L4Lweek #foreverasaint
#L4LWeek track and field alum.
still rock the scarlet and brown
during workouts! @StLawrenceU
@stlawrenceu I'm thankful for
SLU because SLU had offered
me so many incredible op-
portunities, both on campus
and off. Including making this
my morning commute this
semester. #L4Lweek
Madeline Poole, via Twitter
Happy 158th birthday, @StLawrenceU!
Love showing my Laurentian pride!
Laurentians Learn
Through its liberal arts mission, St. Law-
rence has taught Laurentians the impor-
tance of lifelong learning and that success
depends upon being open-minded to new
ideas and concepts. On campus, some fac-
ulty members opened their classrooms to
local alumni for the day, and the Brush Art
Gallery offered guided tours. Maggie Sul-
livan ’15 hosted a screening of her “Hu-
mans of SLU” fellowship project, which
focused on interviewing numerous mem-
bers of the Laurentian community about
their lives and lessons learned. More than
75 alumni took part in Professor of Gov-
ernment Fred Exoo’s online lecture, “The
Root of All Evil: How Private Money is
Wrecking American Politics.”
On social media, Laurentians were
encouraged to share what St. Lawrence
helped them discover and give the name
of a mentor whose insights still inspire
them today.
Laurentians Give
“Laurentian gifts are the difference be-
tween a good education and the best
education,” read the coffee sleeves that
were given out at the free coffee station
during Laurentians Give, a day focused
on thanking donors and educating Lau-
rentians about the importance of giving
to the University.
Did you know that tuition dollars don’t
cover the full cost to educate a St. Law-
Laura Burgess, via Twitter
It's #L4LWeek and today is #learning.
I loved my liberal arts experience so
much I went and got an M.A. in it, too!
@StLawrenceU @dartmouth
Mary Barthelme, via Twitter
@Mary Barthelme
So happy that I can participate in the
@StLawrenceU webinar tonight with
Dr. Exoo! It's like I'm back in Hepburn
all over again #L4LWeek
Kristen Linder, via Twitter
I joined SAAC because I wanted to be
a voice for athletes around campus.
You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in many
ways! #L4LWeek
John Pezdek, via Twitter
Two of my @StLawrenceU mentors are
Joe Marsh & Patti Lock. Forever grate-
ful for the life lessons they've instilled
in me. #L4LWeek #Reiff
Laurentians Connect
There’s a popular phrase when it comes
to the importance of networking and
relationships: “Your network is your net
worth.” Because Laurentians are so will-
ing to help each other out with jobs and
internships, as well as expertise and ad-
vice, our network is one of the wealthiest
out there.
On Laurentians Connect day, students
on campus had professional photos tak-
en and were shown how to join St. Law-
rence’s private LinkedIn group. Then
they met up with young alumni in the
North Country for a networking event,
where guest speaker Erin Coakley Lassi-
al ’07, M’13 talked with attendees about
how important every single Laurentian
connection is. “Most schools encourage
students and alumni to ‘get connected,’
but we are lucky to say that we don’t
have to try that hard,” she said.
Many students put themselves out there
on social media, sharing their interests,
goals and dreams with other Lauren-
tians as we encouraged each community
member to “introduce your selfie.”
Adam Casler, via Twitter
@adam casler
@SLUCareers The SLU network
helped me land my first job post
grad. school. Boss's boss is a '93 alum!
Always great connections. #L4LWeek
Last semester, I got to intern at
the most circulated women's
magazine in the world @
cosmopolitan thanks to Sue
Katzen, the associate publisher
who also happens to be a
Larry. This was me at the cover
party where I had to tell Waka
Flocka Flame that he couldn't
come into the VIP section
#L4lWeek #laurentiansconnect
rence student? The remaining costs are
funded thanks to generous donors. And
this isn’t just St. Lawrence’s reality – the
tuition gap exists at most colleges and
universities. This is just one of the many
reasons donor support is so critical to St.
In addition to the morning’s coffee sta-
tion, the Student-Alumni Association
and the Annual Giving and Laurentian
Engagement staff posted ‘price tags’
around campus to show students how
everything is made possible through
Laurentian support, and then hosted
their bi-annual “Thank SLU” event,
where students wrote thank-you notes
to donors. That evening, our Calling
All Saints students called alumni just to
thank them and talk about St. Lawrence.
On social media, Laurentians were en-
couraged to post why they are thankful
for St. Lawrence and the community.
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