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summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 27
26 summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Information about
next year’s Laurentian
for Life Week (and ways
you can take part, no
matter where you are)
will be coming soon.
Laurentians Celebrate
Happy 158th Birthday! Charter Day, April
3, is the perfect reason to gather with Lau-
rentians. On campus, the Owen D. Young
Library featured an archives exhibit, stu-
dents “signed” a birthday banner in the
Student Center, and more than 150 people
took part in the L4L 4K Run/Walk. We
sang St. Lawrence songs and capped the
week off with Trivia Night at Pub 56.
Across the country, a dozen Charter Day
events were hosted by alumni and more
than 250 Laurentians attended. Over on
social media, birthday wishes poured in!
I'm thankful for the amazing
alumni network that
#stlawrenceu has put me
in touch with. Without them,
I never would have had the
chance to do or pursue so
many amazing opportunities...
like getting a private tour of
the Capitol! #l4lweek
Everyone is talking about
how many generations their
family has been going to SLU
in honor of #L4Lweek and @
stlawrenceu's 158th birth-
day. So I'm going to say how
excited I am to start my own
family tradition at SLU as the
first generation in my family
to go to college!
I'm thankful for St. Lawrence
because of the passion for
learning it has given me.
Through several great classes
and with the inspiration from
amazing professors, I have
found a new love for writing,
and I can't wait to discover
many more English courses
in the future! #thankSLU
Nate Mastro, @natemastro
via Twitter
Happy 158th Birthday
@StLawrenceU!! May you continue
to educate and inspire for at least 158
more! #L4LWeek #HereWeGoSaints
St. Lawrence is the gift that
keeps giving! So grateful for
my amazing college adviser
who sent me a geology guide
to my new home. #L4LWeek
Some people go to college,
and some go to SLU.
#classof2012 #L4LWeek
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