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summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 35
34 summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Nathan O. Niles ’40
222Wardour Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401-1255
Next Reunion: 75
, May 28-31, 2015
Your class reporter’s health is pretty good for a
96-year-old. I go to the cardiac rehab gym at the
local hospital three days a week for an hour’s work
out since my open heart surgery six years ago,
edit the Rotary Club of Annapolis’s weekly news-
letter, and help out with our annual Crab Feast the
first Friday in August. Over 2,500 people attend.
It’s lots of fun and work.
I hope you all have a good life and enjoy it! Please
bring me up to date on your activities.
Ray Lewis '41
609 N. Ohio Ave.
Roswell, NM 88201-2129
Next Reunion: 75
, 2016
Dear classmates, I hope you are taking care of
yourselves and following your doctor’s orders. In
January, I received the bad news that my frater-
nity brother and best friend in college,
“Gus” Wetterhahn
, had passed away, and just
11 days after he lost his beloved Betty. For more
on Gus, see “In Memory.”
Harriet Metz Armbruster
wrote, “As Barney
Brown ’40 said in previous issues, ‘The best news
that I can offer’ is that Ed at 92 and I at 94 are
still alive in our own home in Tavernier, Fla.,
just south of Key Largo. We just gave away our
last of many boats, to a grandson in the Coast
Guard.” They have three children, eight grand-
children and 11 great-grandchildren. “We are
truly blessed how they keep in touch with each
other and with us by visiting when they can and
calling or emailing a great deal,” she said. They
still help with Sunday programs at church, “and I
still sign church checks,”Harriet said.“Please stop
to visit if you visit the Florida Keys.”
Class reporter
Bill Buschmann
died on December
11, 2013. For information about becoming a re-
porter for this class, please contact Sharon Henry,
315-229-5585 or
or Kim His-
song, 315-229-5837 or
Next Reunion: 75
, 2017
Richard C. Austin ’43
3119Wake Robin Drive
Shelburne, VT 05482
Next Reunion: 75
, 2018
Richard Spooner
Peconic Landing
77 Mallard Lane
Greenport, NY 11944-3106
Next Reunion: 75
, 2019
Warner Wicke
, age 93, and his wife head south
from Louisville, Ky., to Florida every February.
“Wick,” like all great athletes, reports for Spring
Helen Aitchison Ellison ’45
1405 Greenbriar Lane
West Grove, PA 19390
Next Reunion: 70
, May 28-31, 2015
Sad news: Bob Parker ’47 died on March 16, 2014.
He was originally a member of the Class of 1945.
I called to talk with Bob about the Annual Fund,
and Jean answered and said he had died two days
earlier. I sympathized with her and told her to go
one day at a time because it will be a difficult time.
Our condolences to the family. For more on Bob,
see“In Memory.”
I received word from the Alumni Office that
Marilyn Lynn Carter Metsger
died in Janu-
ary. Lynn was a Tri-Delt and a loyal supporter of
St. Lawrence. There is more on her in “In Memory”
as well, and we extend our sympathy to her family.
The Navy Computer Loop (NCL) is alive and well,
with messages from
Paul Durkin
, Walt Hluch ’47,
Bell Herndon ’47, John Nill ’47 and Buzz Smith ’46,
and news fromArt Hilkert ’47. It's great that these
men keep up their friendship after all these years.
Paul Durkinwroteme about his recent triphe took
to Miami. He had a great visit with Bob Rust ’50n,
part of an “all SLU roomie group” of Roger Cremo
’48, Cliff Groh ’48, Don Cuddy (a Navy V-12 trainee
in 1944-45), Rust and himself. “We all went to law
school except Cuddy,” Paul said. Paul was given
a football scholarship to the University of Miami
upon high school graduation, but joined the Navy
instead. “While at SLU, it wasn’t difficult to talk to
the others in view of the cold Canton winters to
join me in Miami after Naval service,”he said.
Paul noted that Bob Rust became the U.S. Attor-
ney for the Miami region and successfully pros-
ecuted Richard Pavlick, who had attempted to as-
sassinate President-elect Kennedy in 1960, “even
though there was at the time no federal crime for
attempting to kill or killing a U.S. President.”
Have a nice summer and do let me hear from
you. My email still works! Here's to the Scarlet
and the Brown!
Ann Miller Hilchie ’46
7720 Indian Oaks Drive
Apt. I-309
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Next Reunion: 70
, 2016
If you miss our class news, I do too. Please drop
me a line for our next issue. There are three ways
to contact me and I will be happy to share the
news with our classmates. I am fine, just anxious
to hear from you.
Guilford“Chip”Forbes ’47
23910 Trailwood Court
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4669
Next Reunion: 70
, 2017
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact SharonHenry, 315-229-5585 or
or KimHissong, 315-229-5837
Next Reunion: 70
, 2018
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact SharonHenry, 315-229-5585 or
or KimHissong, 315-229-5837
Next Reunion: 70
, 2019
Mary Whalen
wrote to the University, “After
teaching for many years, I now have a bed-and-
breakfast in my home at 38 Park Street, Canton,
only half a mile from the SLU bookstore! I have
met many wonderful St. Lawrence parents and
students doing this. I have ridden horses in the
Rockies, snorkeled in Gigi, traveled three weeks to
China with the St. Lawrence Program, been to the
World Equestrian Games in Sweden and gone on
to Russia.” She rented her home for many years in
the summer to Tony Scalise ’43.“So sorry this class
does not have a class reporter!”she concluded.
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact SharonHenry, 315-229-5585 or
or KimHissong, 315-229-5837
Next Reunion: 65
, May 28-31, 2015
For information about becoming a
reporter for any class prior to 1940,
please contact Kim Hissong,
315-229-5837 or
Janet Tag O’Loughlin ’51
510 Lake Dornoch Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28734-3579
Next Reunion: 65
, 2016
I am pleased to share major portions of a letter
that I received a few weeks ago from the 2013-14
recipient of the Class of 1951 Scholarship, Joseph
Parise ’16, of Pine Bush, N.Y.:
“I am grateful to be the recipient of Class of 1951
Scholarship and [ to be] a sophomore here at St.
Lawrence. I love it here (even though the winters
get tough). I considered many schools, but the
moment I stepped on this campus, I knew this
was the place I wanted to be. I couldn’t be happier
with my decision. The sense of community here is
something that I did not feel at the other schools I
visited. The friends I’ve made and the knowledge
I have gained will follow me throughout my life
and for that, I am grateful.
“Without the assistance of the Class of 1951
Scholarship I would not be at St. Lawrence. This
generous scholarship has provided me an oppor-
tunity to achieve my full potential.
“Playing football for St. Lawrence has been a
thrilling experience. It has always been a goal of
mine to play football at the collegiate level, [and
St. Lawrence] gave me an opportunity that most
other universities would not.
“The bonds I have made with professors keep me
rigorously exercising academics, not just athletics.
Recently, I decided to be a psychology major. The
field is so interesting and St. Lawrence has such a
strong team of professors.
“Whether it is on the field or in the classroom, suc-
cess at St. Lawrence is not hard to come by. I feel
lucky to be a part of the St. Lawrence community.
Hopefully, one day, with the skills and knowledge
gained at this wonderful institution, I will be in
the position to benefit another lucky Laurentian,
as you so generously have done for me.”
Barbara Robertson Mitchell ’52
9 Pepperidge Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-2532
Next Reunion: 65
, 2017
I had awonderful letter from
with such fantastic descriptions of her trips that I
thought I was there also. She has moved to Park
City, Utah, and has been skiing and getting set-
tled in her new condo.
Mark Attarian ’80,
Mary Lou Attarian
son, emailed that Ed passed away on March 21,
2014. For more on Ed, see “In Memory.” Ed was
a wonderful doctor who was loved by all his pa-
tients and his fellow classmates. He graduated
from Albany Medical School in 1955 and was on
active duty in the U.S. Army Medical Corps in Ger-
many 1957-1959. He practiced in Albany, Vero
Beach, Fla., and Ft. Lauderdale.
Don Laidlaw
, an
Alpha Tau Omega brother, told me Ed and he
were very good friends and Ed was a committed
man who lived and demonstrated the finest qual-
ities in a man. Our deepest sympathy is extended
to Mary Lou and their family.
Matt Clarke ’50 called to tell me that his wife,
nis Wilson Clarke
, had died on March 24. She
was 84. For more on Janis, see“In Memory.”
I wish you all a lovely summer!
Lois ShaverWells ’53
PO Box 22
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Next Reunion: 65
, 2018
Paul Myers
and his wife, Welthy, toured Tanza-
nia for two weeks in March. Subsequently, they
spent a month in Florida before heading back
home to Peru, Vt. Prior to the trip to Tanzania,
Paul completed a collection of landscape paint-
ings of Zion National Park, a favorite place of his.
Since Paul was a geology major, it is no wonder
that the magnificent rock formations of Zion,
along with the beautiful autumn foliage that he
told me about, attract him. Paul invites any of the
class to his energy-efficient home and provided
his phone number: 802-824-6626.
All of the family of
Rosalie Epstein Moriah
, with
the exception of two grandsons who were on
extended journeys, gathered for the wedding
in February of Rosalie's granddaughter Atara.
Atara married a young man who had just gradu-
ated from an officers' course in the Israel Defense
William Wilkinson
and Shirley continue to live
in California's beautiful Napa County, where there
are almost 500 wineries in existence. It's only an
hour from San Francisco.
Thank you to those who have sent news for re-
cent issues. Classmates would enjoy hearing from
many others.
Frank Shields ’54
16 Seward Street
Glens Falls, NY 12804
Next Reunion: 65
, 2019
I thought I might have to leave the '54 space
blank. Then I placed a phone call to
"Bud" Kelly
in Simsbury, Conn., to respond to his
offer to communicate with his fraternity brothers
about the upcoming 60th reunion.
Sadly, my call only found the Kelly homestead
suffering double tragedy. Bud's wife, Eunice, had
succumbed to cancer in February and Bud had
subsequently been diagnosed with cancer. He
was optimistic about the therapy he was about
to undergo.
Eunice had attended our 50th reunion in 2004,
and had come away impressed by the whole
weekend. She used her column in the Simsbury
weekly newspaper to express her gratitude for
the experience. Eunice praised the University
for the very personal way everyone treated the
visitors as well as the alumni. That column was
reprinted in this magazine, and received a lot of
favorable reaction from our alumni.
We will miss Eunice and we send our best wishes
to Bud for a complete recovery.
Connie Doughty Knies ’55
43Westgate Blvd.
Plandome, NY 11030-1452
Next Reunion: 60th, May 28- 31, 2015
(Cluster with '56)
Greetings, classmates. When I took on this job,
I didn’t know how I would glean any news to
print, but thanks to some compassionate souls
out there who responded to my emails, we in-
deed have some interesting reports.
Bob Gould
wrote, “I check our column to see
who (hopefully not me) died.” He’s clearly still
among the moving as he has over the last few
years entered a number of 5K races. He and his
wife spend some winter time in Jensen Beach,
Fla., and he has seen Jack Houx ’56 frequently,
and also Lisa Millar Gould ’86, who his son, Tom,
a Clarkson grad, had the good sense to marry.
They live in Atlanta, so when he visits them he
also gets to see
Jane Fippin Thompson
Bob, who signs his letters “Quasimodo,” is still
playing bells – in the Presbyterian Church in John-
stown, N.Y. He says that“Fairest Lord Jesus”is a bit
easier than “St. Lawrence Mother Dear.” He tried
to figure out how many times he played the bells
in Gunnison, and came up with around 1,000.
Gina Jacobsen
emailed that 15 of her family
went to Duke last June for her granddaughter
Maddy Leaman’s graduation with honors. Then
in August, she went on a cruise to the Baltic –
her first ever. In March she spent a long weekend
Sally Mason Crowell
, her Kappa Lodge
roommate, and found they picked up right
where they’d left off 60 years ago. That weekend,
Sally’s husband, Howard Crowell ’54, put to-
gether a gathering with Martha Cheney Thomas
’54 and
Natalie Derrenbacker Pearson
at the
Glenridge, a retirement community in Sarasota
where the Crowells and Natalie live.
Gina, when not travelling, is very involved in her
church, St. John’s, in Huntington, Long Island,
and is a trustee and vice president in charge of
development for the St. Johnland Nursing Cen-
ter. She plays golf and duplicate bridge and still
loves birding and photography – and sings in
her church choir. It would seem her days would
already be overfull, but she is joining a mentor-
ing program for underprivileged kids this sum-
mer! She says her health is good and she’s look-
ing forward to her 80th birthday in May.
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