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Howie Kane
also kindly shared his story. He
retired from General Electric in 1989 but joined
a dealer shortly thereafter and has been with
them ever since. GE moved him around a lot in
his first few years, but then he settled in the Balti-
more area in 1961. He and his wife still live there
and enjoy their nine grandchildren, although
they spend a couple of winter months in Naples
or Coral Gables. All four of their children live in
the area (lucky them!), so they stay very busy. He
said he hasn’t seen many classmates but did run
Bill Borst
while at GE and would see Hal ’54
Rit Lennon
when he would visit his family
in Utica.
Howie admitted that he had been saying for
years that he was going to write to
Joyce Sulli-
van Thompson
or to me, but never had. Are you
in that category? Please send off a quick email
and share what you’ve been doing!
Don Gini
sent a brief note to thank Joyce for
her years of service. Indeed, we all owe her a
huge thank-you for keeping track of us for so
many decades!
Sally Miller Flicker
writes that she is changing
her legal address to Troy, Mich., to be closer to
family, but is keeping her place in Arizona to es-
cape the winter chill. She and her son Paul took
a trip to Antarctica with National Geographic in
2012 to walk among the penguins. She said that
it was a wonderful trip and she is planning an-
other to an exciting destination. Go Sally!
Stan Joseph
has been retired for about 20 years,
has enjoyed reasonably good health and has
“carved out a pretty nice life style if one likes
outdoor activities.” He and his wife sold their pri-
mary home in Connecticut about four years ago.
In 1980, they bought in Sun Valley, Idaho, for ski-
ing and summer vacations, and continue enjoy-
ing this. When not on the slopes, they switch to
golf, tennis and biking in Palm City, Fla. A car buff
all his life, he said he spent many years restoring
1950s Porsches–356 models, all open–but gave
it up and sold his collection when he took up
that “insidious game” called golf. He still drives
a Porsche, but a modern one.
The Josephs have done extensive foreign travel
but are now focusing on parts of the U.S. they
haven’t seen. Of course, like most grandparents,
they visit grandchildren (six) in New Hampshire,
Connecticut and Idaho. He is excited about the
upcoming graduation of one, Mitch, in 2015–
from SLU! This is the same year as our 60th re-
union. We’ll hope to see you there, Stan!
Stan closed his account of an active and happy
lifestyle by saying that he subscribes to the ad-
age that “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.”
The 1956 column in the winter issue noted
George Stade
’s wife, Dolly Fletcher Stade
’56, had passed away and that George had suf-
fered a stroke, fortunately with no after-effects.
It stated that he planned to move to Maryland
to be near to his two daughters. Our sympathies
go to George, with hopes that the move will be
a good one.
Bob Gerlin
reports four children and 10 grand-
children ranging from 9 to 22. The oldest gradu-
ated from Lehigh last May and is working at
General Dynamics for $60,000 a year. He recalled
that when we graduated, a $5,000 salary made
us plutocrats! (My first teaching job netted me
$3,400 a year – and that was with a master’s
degree.) In the Army after graduation, Bob was
stationed at Norfolk, Va., where he says he was“a
minority onion in a huge petunia patch of Navy.”
While there he saw
Grant Houghton
, then a
Navy lieutenant. After a career in law, Bob and
his wife retired and moved to Vermont in 1994
and have been running Cornwall Orchards Bed-
and-Breakfast since 1995.
Bob reminisced, sadly, that of the five Lauren-
tians he was closest to, three are gone. He re-
membered that when they lived in New York
they would often go to parties at the Apple-
tons’ in Scarsdale. They do now see Dottie
Whittaker Cannon ’56, who lives in Grafton,
Vt., and others from ’54, ’55 and ’56. He added
that his highly recommended portfolio man-
ager is Laurentian – and University Trustee –
Eric Hanson ’70 in Burlington,Vt., and closed
by sending his best to all.
And so do I, along with several requests: send me
all your news; send our alma mater – well, not all
your money, but surely you can spare some; and
write “60th St. Lawrence Reunion” on your calen-
dar for the last weekend of May 2015. We need to
celebrate not only our survival but also the fine
school that St. Lawrence was, has become and
will be in the future!
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder ’56
2215Windbrook Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361-3538
Next Reunion: 60th May, 28- 31, 2015
(Cluster with '55)
Our illustrious planning chair of our reunion with
the class of ’55 in May 2015,
Doris Kloppenburg
, and Bob ’59 returned from the slopes in
Colorado, where Doris teaches skiing to offspring
of her original students.They sponsored a St. Law-
rence Charter Day (April 3) event in Southwest,
Fla., with Bill Warner ’59.
Even in the cold of winter, one could find
Pisani Thorn
skiing at Catamont and lunching on
the deck at the end of March. Winnie is still very
busy with the hospital board. She has a planned
trip to the Norway fiords in September.
Lucy Tower Funke
received a note from
Vicki Warner Chauvin
. Vicki spent a won-
derful week at Noel’s sister’s new home on a great
golf course in North Carolina, while it was minus
30 degrees at home in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec.
Vicki and Noel send warmest greetings to all with
an invitation to come and visit.
Lucy has volunteered to serve as a docent at the
Colgate Picker Art Gallery, where an exciting new
concept for docents, “Visual Thinking Strategy,”
has been introduced. She will be workingwith au-
diences from pre-school to senior citizens. I hope
Lucy’s involvement motivates classmates to sign
up and volunteer at your local museums.
Speaking of artists,
Nancy Purcell Murphy
her art work in some shows. Her daughter, who
is living with her, is also an artist. The apple does
not fall too far from the tree. Nancy participates in
water aerobics and enjoys reunions in the Adiron-
dacks with high school friends.
She is also looking forward to our reunion, as
are many classmates, including
Bill Carter
, a former director of the Singing Saints,
is anticipating singing with the Sinners with the
theme “Saints and Sinners, An Affair to Remem-
ber.” Jan and Lorna visited Jan’s brother, Peter
’58 by Amtrak’s Auto Train to Florida and then
drove on to New Orleans to visit a best friend
from high school.
Most ’56ers are retired, but
Hundley Thompson
goes to work every day. He claims that he doesn’t
have to do the“heavy lifting.”His company has 53
vehicles, from sedans to motor coaches, and pro-
vides much of the transportation for the corpora-
tions in and around Charlotte and the Carolinas.
Rose Chauffeured Transportation was just named
Large Operator of the Year by
Limo Digest
zine. Hundley started this business with one car
in 1985 after being in the radio-TV business for
about 27 years. Congratulations to Hundley! He
and one of his limos could lead the ’56 parade, so
we could three-peat as a winner for spirit.
Lynn Chilton Burt
and Bob have three children
and four grandchildren (three in Chicago and one
in San Francisco, ages 1- 4). The whole family will
be vacationing in Sonoma County in California.
Every summer, Lynn and Bob, who are hooked on
drama, travel to Canada to see the Shaw Festival
and Shakespeare Festival. They also travel here
and there to play tournament bridge. Lynn finds
time to fit in art work classes in acrylics.
Congrats to
Liz Ehret
Dave Beebe
, direc-
tors of the Camillus Erie Canal Park, who received
the Historic and Preservation Recognition Award
from the Daughters of the American Revolution
at their New York State meeting in Syracuse,
where Dave presented a program about local ca-
nal history. Dave and Liz were inducted into the
Camillus/West Genesee Community Sports Hall
of Fame 2013, for establishing the Camillus Erie
Canal Park and more recently for the restoration
of the 1842 Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct. Happy
80th birthday to Dave and many, many more!
I always have a nice chat with
Dick Bierly
. After
several years as vice president of the North Caro-
lina Coastal Federation, he was elected president.
Even with that responsibility, he found time to
fundraise for the restoration of the SLU Beta Tem-
ple. He mentioned that 29 of the class of ’56 Betas
participated. Dick has a time-share in Key West
and travels there for three weeks in February.
Wayne Lausin
reports that his group is still trav-
eling to Canton for their annual get-together
in September. For 15 years Wayne,
Fred Funke,
Mickey Walker, Jim Horne
, Bill Torrey ’57 and
Bob Ernest
played golf and donated to scholar-
ships through the Moose Lovato Fund. Now their
camaraderie shows each is an L4L (Laurentian
for Life). Happy 80th birthday to Wayne, whose
whole family will be celebrating with him.
Dottie Whitaker Cannon
and I shared some of
our common activities: book club and communi-
ty clubs. I was impressed that her women’s com-
munity club is giving scholarships to graduating
high school seniors. With today’s college costs, I
would like more community groups to give schol-
arships. Dottie also spends time as a member of
a garden club.
I reminisced with
Gail Warner Jessup
, a happy
camper with five children and 13 grandchildren.
She enrolled in nursing school after two years
at SLU, and retired two years ago as an RN at St.
Luke’s in New York City. Wishing her the very best
after a long, dedicated career.
Ed Laine
still volunteers three days at Restore,
a division of Habitat Humanity. It is the number
one such store in the country; proceeds fund
one Habitat house to be built per month. Ed still
fundraises with his veterans’group.
I had a nice chat with Donna Hines Laine ’57
(we both are from Syracuse). She is planning on
retiring soon. They both said how much care a
new Belgian sheep dog requires.
Charlie Bacigalupo
has retired and resides in
Florida in the winter and one of the beach towns
in Delaware or Maryland in the summer. Charlie,
let us know your news.
Gene Caruso
told me that
Dick Contee
read in
this column that Gene lives in North Baltimore.
Dick’s son lives a short distance from Gene, so
since Dick visits his son several times a year, he
and Gene got together and had an enjoyable
time discussing things old and new. Gene, Dick
and I were all on the Student Union Board of Gov-
ernors, and Dick was president in his junior year.
Jan Shonka Karlen
told me about her superstar
granddaughter, who is graduating from Boston
University this year. She is an excellent student in
photo-journalism and communications, and has
been offered a full-time job with the Red Sox, and
the Massachusetts Governor’s Office has also ex-
pressed interest.
St. Lawrence University’s
Alumni Executive
Council will celebrate its centennial in
2015. It has been my honor and privilege
to serve as its 52nd president during the
last two years. For 10 years, I have filled a
variety of positions, and I am deeply grate-
ful to the University, my council friends,
and the entire alumni family for allowing
me to enjoy this decade-long experi-
ence. The more I have learned about our
wonderful alma mater during this time, the
more I have grown to love it.
I have been fortunate to serve under a series of outstanding council
presidents: Joe Richardson ’63, Jeff Honeywell ’80, Alex Kirby Taylor ’89,
Ken Polk ‘91 and Deena Giltz McCullough ‘84. I have associated with
over 60 wonderful alumni who remain some of my closest friends for
the rest of my life. As president, I have had an outstanding leadership
team: Vice President Ed Forbes ’02, who succeeds me as president;
Treasurer Charlie Sullivan ’89; and Secretary Bill Cowan ’86. I am
confident that Ed’s term will be marked by bold, energetic leadership
and strong communication. I could not be happier or prouder to
hand the baton to a successor than I am to hand it to Ed.
Just as I have, Ed will have a tremendous leadership team to help him
during his two-year term. Lissa Short ’83 will serve as vice president;
Bill Cowan ’86 will move to treasurer; and Jacquelyn Hasper Kuno ’84
will step in as secretary. Each of these members has distinguished
himself or herself through hard work, passion, leadership and positive
energy. It has been an honor to serve with them, and I congratulate
them on their election by their fellow alumni.
One major issue on the Alumni Council’s agenda is consideration
of the report of the Presidential Commission on Diversity. We have
begun studying and discussing this important and impressive report.
These thoughtful conversations will continue in the coming months,
as we undergo a thorough self-study. Through this careful audit of its
governing documents, processes and procedures, the council will work
to ensure that its membership is consistently representative of the
Laurentian family it represents all around the world. What a wonderful
opportunity to reflect upon the past, the present and the future!
As they continue this important and stimulating work, I wish my
Alumni Council friends well and thank them for their hard work, their
thoughtfulness and their friendship during my time in their midst.
I urge all passionate and engaged Laurentians to consider nominating
themselves for council membership, or a fellow Laurentian they believe
would be a strong candidate. Council membership is demanding
work, but it is incredibly rewarding work. Best of all, council members
become lifelong friends!
All nominations can be sent to Lisa Cania, our senior staff liaison at the
. Lisa is the heart and soul of the Alumni
Council, and I will always cherish her friendship. Lisa’s wise counsel,
passionate advocacy and high expectations have allowed St. Lawrence’s
Alumni Council to join the ranks of the finest of its kind in the United
States. I thank Lisa for all she does on behalf of the University and its
Alumni Council.
L4L (Laurentian For Life),
−Steve Todd ’92
Alumni Executive Council President, 2012-14
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