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Mary Izant ’76
20101 North Park Blvd., #1
Shaker Heights, OH 44118
Next Reunion: 40
, 2016
Joe Braz
wrote that he and Meredith Horton
Braz '77 have been living in Hanover, N.H., for
more than seven years after spending 17 years
on the coast of Maine. Meredith is the registrar
at Dartmouth College, where she also consults
to other institutions as far abroad as Kuwait.
Joe retired after 30 years in the disability insur-
ance industry to move to Hanover. They have
two granddaughters, and their sons Jeremy and
Daniel ’01 are in Portland, Maine, and Needham,
Mass., respectively.
Joe’s retirement activities include oil painting and
extensive hiking in the White Mountains. He be-
came the 48th person to climb all 48 peaks that
exceed 4,000 feet in one winter. One of his main
hiking partners is his brother-in-law Scott Horton
’80, an ER physician living in Meredith, N.H.
, who also lives in New Hampshire, and Joe
have also done a number of hikes together.
“Hiking keeps me in great shape physically and
mentally, although my knees might disrespect-
fully disagree!” he says. “It also provides much in-
spiration for my painting.”
Joe and Meredith continue to see Dave Garber
’77 regularly. Joe says Dave retired from 35 years
of teaching in Fulton, N.Y., and “has been quite
the world traveler.”Last summer, Sharon Doherty
’77 and her husband, Chris Longworth ’78, vis-
ited for a day.
Larry Buonocore
, who is an IBM sales executive
and is in technical support services in the West
Chester, Pa., office, had dinner with Joel Collamer
’78 last spring. Larry has been on the mend from
hip replacement surgery on New Year's Eve day,
and was“literally back onmy feet as I dumped the
cane”in March.“It has been a very smooth experi-
ence and I totally recommend it to anyone who
has hip pain,”he said.
BJ Hampton
wrote that she and her husband,
Howard Fielding, “are finally graduating – from
full-time parenting, as our youngest graduates
from Westover School. She’s aiming to become a
veterinarian, a fine tradition for the Class of 1976
(kudos to
Tracey McNamara
)." She recommends
How to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math Education in Libraries
, a new book that
includes her chapter “Kid-ventions with the U.S
Patent Library.” “It’s the product of my experi-
ence working with gifted and talented students
and my work with the Patent and Trademark Re-
source Center at Sacred Heart University Library,”
she says.“I showcase some of the many kids (ages
4-18, some millionaires) who have received pat-
ents for their inventions. You may have bought
some of them! I also discuss ways to help kids de-
velop ‘design thinking.’”
Aims Coney
wrote that in March he and his
daughter drove cross-country from Massachu-
setts to her new home near Seattle, Wash. “I’d
always wanted to make that trip and this seemed
like a good chance,” he said. “I suggested, almost
half joking, that we try to cross country ski in ev-
ery state we passed through, and was surprised
when agreed. We skied in 10 new states and still
made the trip in 5 1/2 days."
Right after that, at the bi-annual U.S. Ski-Orien-
teering Championships at Trapp Family Lodge
in Stowe, Vt., Aims took silver and gold age-
group medals, and his wife, Terry, “nabbed a
silver medal as well.”
It was nice to catch up with
Phil Carlson
at St.
Lawrence last November, during the memo-
rial weekend for
Ron “Luca” Pelligra
and others.
Phil is president and CEO of Nations Equipment
Finance, LLC in Norwalk, Conn. The company
website information states, “Phil has 33 years
of commercial lending and leasing experience.”
He’s been with FirstLight Financial Corporation,
GE Capital Commercial Equipment Finance, John
Hancock Leasing Corporation, BancIreland First
Financial and Integrated Resources, Inc.” He has
an MBA from Babson College.
sent a note and picture after a visit
to NewYork City. She said,“
Julie Neuber Bishop,
Shelley ‘Toots’ Yeager, Patricia ‘Fitty’ Fitzgib-
, and I met for a February weekend in Man-
hattan and had a wonderful time! Julie, Toots and
I have daughters living in NewYork, so we all met
for brunch. Julie's daughter, Drew Bishop ’10, is
sales manager at The Greenwich Hotel in Manhat-
tan. Toots' daughter, Brit, is a film/video producer
for Clinton Global Initiatives. My daughter, Kath-
erine, is a sophomore at NYU's Gallatin School.
Fitty's son, Matty, is a junior at Brown and was just
initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.”
Kathy McInerney Olney
, in Rome, N.Y., is still
teaching and said “Joe continues to work at his
family business. Jay is working for Citigroup; Ju-
lie has finished her master’s in teaching in Rome,
N.Y.; and Sheila has submitted her college applica-
tions.”Kathy and Joe also attended
John Timson/
Bonnie Legro
’s daughter’s wedding in Baltimore
last summer and caught up with
Brown Hallenbeck, Mike
Katie Naughton
Moran, Marty
Abby Behrens Croyle, Patty
and Mick Heller, and others.
Jane Delmonico Cummings
wrote about her
children and their spouses: Billy and Nicole live
in Brooklyn, where Bill works for Brevan Howard
and Nicole is a school psychologist; Joseph stars
in the web series “Eye of Horus” and is a fit model
for designers Armani and Fila; Kelly is a third-year
med student; and Kelly’s husband, Bill, works for
Dairy Farmers of America.
Amy Mellencamp
wrote about her two children:
Emily, who was deputy chief of staff for Congress-
woman Ann McLane Kuster of New Hampshire,
has moved to Minneapolis as the campaign fi-
nance director for U.S. Senator Al Franken; and
Chas continues his work as a legislative assistant
for the Senate Judiciary Committee and U.S. Sena-
tor Patrick Leahy.
You will note at the top of this column I have a
new address. I sold my parents’ house in Cleve-
land Heights (where I had lived for the past
eight years with my mom, who passed away last
summer) and have moved to a condo nearby in
Shaker Heights. A big thanks to
Josie Lowden
, the best residential real estate agent
in Cleveland (sold over list price, with a bidding
war no less).
Mark your calendars for two years from now…
our 40th Reunion, the weekend after Memorial
Day, June 2-5, 2016. No excuses, now. You have
been told. You must appear. Hard to believe.…
Bonnie Steuart Taylor ’77
9823 Fosbak Drive
Vienna, VA 22182
Next Reunion: 40
, 2017
This “summer” column was written during a
March 31 sleet storm in Virginia. Last winter
certainly wasn't about to “go out like a lamb!”
In fact, I thought
Jill Scott Jablonski
put it
best on Facebook when she posted, “What a
nice winter we're having this spring!” The same
Paul Barbour
noted a foot of new snow
in Malone, but he is in the North Country after
all - and didn't it occasionally threaten to snow
at St. Lawrence on graduation?!
While extending birthday greetings to
, Jill mentioned some wonderful
travel plans: she was in Mexico in March,
traveled to Italy on a trip she won from her local
public radio station (!) and will soon be off to
Japan. But if you can catch her at home, she
mentioned that “any classmates are welcome
to stay with us in our big old shingle-style
Victorian house outside of Providence!”
Sue Tarplin
's son Drew is a consultant at IBM and
her daughter Maddie is a junior at Franklin & Mar-
shall and is considering med school. She'd almost
qualify as an empty-nester but she is caring for
her mom, who now lives with her. I'm sure many
of us are facing or already dealing with elder care
for our parents. I know I am.
Steve Barlow
was recently in the news when
his company, Ebix, made some service delivery
channel changes. Steve is the VP of investor rela-
tions for Ebix in Atlanta, which offers on-demand
software and e-commerce services to the insur-
ance and re-insurance industries. He previously
worked on
The Street
, writing a weekly column on
buy/sell recommendations for media stocks.
Joel Collamer ’78
29 Hassake Road
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1329
203-698-0677 (home)
203-820-4523 (cell)
Next Reunion: 40
, 2018
Author and English professor
, who
received an honorary doctorate from St. Law-
rence in 2004, moved last summer from a profes-
sorship at the University of Wisconsin to become
the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of
English at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.
KimHoffmann Amoroso ’79
35 Cedar Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Next Reunion: 40
, 2019
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact Sharon Henry, 315-229-5585
or KimHissong, 315-229-
5837 or
Thanks first to
Ciaran Phibbs
for checking in af-
ter many years! It is never too late! Ciaran made it
back to campus for the first time since graduation
with his oldest daughter, Briana, for an accepted
students day. She did like it a lot, but in the end,
she headed to the University of Wisconsin to pur-
sue an engineering degree.
After graduation, Ciaran went directly to graduate
school for a Ph.D. in economics at the University
of California, San Diego. He ended up specializing
in health economics. It took him eight years to fin-
ish the five-year programbecause he spent a lot of
time sailboat racing. He says he ran into
on the racing circuit as well. Last he heard,
Barrett was building boats in Newport.
After a post doc at UC San Francisco and a stint on
the faculty at Columbia University, Ciaran, since
1991, has been a research scientist at the Palo Alto
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and a professor
of pediatrics at the Stanford University School of
Medicine. His wife, Jill Sullivan, is a vice president
at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stan-
ford. They have two daughters: Briana, who be-
sides being a great student loves to oil paint, and
Claire, a lacrosse goalie.
Bruce Carlisle ’78 tells me that
Steve Hirschfeld
recently sponsored a successful cocktail reception
in the San Francisco area for Jeff Rickey, SLU's Dean
of Admissions.
Maureen Leonard Missert
ran into
Dave Gil-
at an event inNaples, Fla. Dave is the gener-
al manager of the Pelican's Nest Golf Club. She also
met with
AmyAppel Mitchell
while shewas visit-
ing her mom in Ormond Beach recently. Amy and
Scott Mitchell
live in Jacksonville, Fla.,
where Scott is a judge. They have two grown sons
and Amy works at a law firm. Mo and two class-
Jeanne Meagher Cummings
Allen Coughlan
, vacationed in March at Marco
Island. Jeanne moved to Dallas last summer and
is hoping to connect with the alums in the area.
Fran Russo-Cress ’80
273 Converse Street
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Next Reunion: 35th, 2016 (Cluster with '81, '82)
It is early April and I am attempting for the third
time to complete our notes for the summer
t. Lawrence
. The first two renditions ended in a
computer dump from which I could retrieve no
document. I am bordering on abject insanity,
laced with as much good humor as I can mus-
ter! Perhaps I can rewrite this from memory.
Here goes….
I received a wonderful email from
, aka
“Whitey,” after nearly 34 years of quiet. You made
my day,Whitey!Tomhas beenmarried for 24 years
to an “amazing” woman who has happily “put up
with" him and they have “three great kids”: Zach,
22, a senior at Virginia Tech; Erin, 20, a sophomore
at Grand Valley State (Michigan); and Clair ’16,
a sophomore in high school. Whitey has been
coaching football and wrestling and teaching
at the high school and college levels for 30-plus
years. He has been involved with at-risk students
in an alternative high school in the Grand Rapids
area for 20 years. Like most of us, he is in good
health but acknowledges that he doesn’t“bounce
back like I used to.”
Missy Martin DeCamp ’81, who ran into Chris
Trompeter ’78 serendipitously while on a college
tour with her daughter, learned through a con-
versation with
Margo McCaw Davy
that I live in
Longmeadow, Mass., which is en route fromWash-
ington, D.C., where she resides, to Deerfield Acad-
emy, where her children have been for at least the
last five years. Missy’s daughter graduated last
year and her son is still there. Although we have
yet to connect, I am hoping that sometime before
her son graduates I can corral her on I- 91 for a
quick catch-up.
Richard Salomon ’51, father of
M. Kealy Salomon
forwarded the announcement of Kealy’s April
2014 retirement as commissioner of planning and
development for Dutchess County, N.Y. Kealy be-
gan her career with Dutchess County government
in 1982, the same year she graduated fromCornell
University with a master’s in regional planning.
She worked her way up through the planning
department, which under her leadership, has ac-
complished numerous goals including preserva-
tion of 600 acres of open space, construction of
180 affordable housing units in Poughkeepsie,
introduction of hybrid vehicles to the county bus
system, publication of “Greenway Guides” to top-
ics like recycling, mapping of 70 trail systems, a
long-range transportation plan and a 10-year solid
waste management plan.
Congratulations, Kealy, on your well-earned re-
tirement! Perhaps now you and Robert will enjoy
life in Poughkeepsie or at your home on Lake
George. Selfishly, I’m hoping this also means we
will finally be able to squeeze in the quiet time at
Lake George that we’ve often talked about but
that has eluded us the last few summers.
Do you have a son or daughter who
is starting to look at colleges?
Plan a visit to St. Lawrence and learn
about Laurentian Legacy Grants:
Stowe, Vt., was the setting for a reunion of Laurentians from 1979-81, and their spouses. Back from
left to right are
Earl “Trip” Samson ’80
, Amy O’Connor, Mary Jo Brandt,
Ed Stabler ’80
Brandt ’80
, while front from left to right are
Carolyn Streett Simpson ’81
, Allyson Samson,
Stabler ’79, Tim Simpson ’80
Mike Ranger ’80
. Not present for the picture-taking were
Abbott ’80
Mark Attarian ’80
, while behind the camera was
Terry O'Connor ’80
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