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Rob Berick
sent me the news of Joe’s death and
wrote such a heartfelt tribute to his close friend
and our classmate that I’m including some of his
comments here: “I met Joe within the first few
days of our sophomore year at St. Lawrence,
and we were essentially inseparable ever since...
we were family. I think about the hours he and I
spent hosting radio shows at KSLU….[W]e loved
finding a new song – or a forgotten gem – that
would make the other one break into a big
cheesy grin….
“When Joe and I lived in New York City, we con-
tinued to huddle around the stereo playing songs
for each other. We’d spend hours laboring over
mixed tapes together. I remember one such tape-
making odyssey when, after two hours of experi-
ments and debate, we had gotten only six songs
recorded.… I still have the tape, and many of the
others we made. Those first six songs are still ab-
solutely perfect together. Even over the last 10
months, we were still using music to make each
other smile, laugh and keep dancing….
“He was a good man who got a lot accomplished
in the time he had – both professionally and per-
sonally. He left much too soon…but I’m so thank-
ful for the time we had and thememories that will
never fade.”
Rob and Paul Spagnoletti ’94 served as pallbear-
ers at the funeral; other alumni there included
Fred Paxton, Bob Rich, Brad Rauch, Vicki
Flick, Alex Kirby Taylor
, Carl Montante’88 and
Andrea Allen ’88. Alex reported that the funeral
“was an overwhelming celebration of Joe's life.
He really did so much for so many in such a
short time.”
Alex also reported that she moved to Darien,
Conn., last year after living in Brooklyn Heights
for 20 years. She and her husband, Denny, and
their two boys, Matthew and Brian, keep busy
with work, school and sports. She noted that it
was great to catch up with so many classmates
this year as she worked with
Ed Morris
, Reunion
co-chair, to convince us to attend Reunion and
make a pledge to St. Lawrence. She encourages
everyone to check out our class on Facebook at
St. Lawrence University Class of 1989.
Kasey Mathews Ormiston
caught up
with several Laurentian friends in 2013. They
traveled to London to visit
Rob Ingall
and his
family, who have been living there for the past
couple of years. While in London, they ate lunch
at a pub built in the 1600s that was named after
St. Lawrence. They also went skiing with
Keigher Rhine
in Vail, Col. Kasey reported that
Rachael moved to Denver last year and loves the
outdoor life there.
Hilary Watts Harris
and her
family stopped by Kasey and Lee’s home in New
Hampshire for a visit. Kasey also wrote, “Our kids
started school at Derryfield (last) fall.
Molly Mc-
Gregor Brandt
's husband, Pete, teaches and
their daughter Sophie attends, so we get to see
each other quite a bit!”
I promise more news about our classmates in the
next issue, when I will report on our 25th Reunion.
Lynne Gilbert Agoston ’90
11805 Farmland Drive
Rockville, MD 20852
Next Reunion: 25
, May 28-31, 2015
Jeannie Weissman Anderson
played defense
with Steve Maier ’68 in a recent co-ed ice hockey
tournament in Sheridan, Wyo., where Steve is the
county commissioner.“We wear the SLU sweaters
often,”he said. Jeannie lives in BigHorn,Wyo., with
her husband, Kevin, and two children: Brice, 16, a
bantam hockey player, and Eliza, 14, a dancer.
Rob English, K.C. Swenson,
Andy Smith ’91,
Sara Norman ’88 and some non-SLU friends spent
an evening at the Beacon Theatre in March to see
The Allman Brothers Band in NewYork City. It was
the seventh time in eight years for some of them,
in keeping up an annual tradition of meeting up
for the event. This year’s show was particularly
poignant because it was the band’s last show at
the Beacon. Rob stated, “It's the good times, the
GREAT music, and the best of friends that have
always made this weekend so special.”
Karyn Edwards Niles
and Dick ’87 traveled to
Copper, Colo., for a weekend of skiing with
Sandleitner Adiletta, Ani Reed Walker
Megan Champney Meagher ’91 and their spouses
and families. In addition to skiing, they enjoyed
some good food and drink while catching up and
planning their next adventure. Darcy and her hus-
band, Mark, live in Connecticut and combined the
trip with some college visits for their oldest child,
TJ. Ani and Mike and Megan and Joe all live out-
side Denver.
Ken Polk ’91
34 Rana Court
Williamsville NY 14221
716-830-6438 (cell)
716-626-6120 (work)
Fax: 716-626-6099
Next Reunion: 25
, 2016
Although I am aware of lots going on in the lives
of classmates on Facebook and via the random
phone call or email, I don’t have any specific news
to share this time around. However, I do have a
few questions for you…so read along!
Do you like to write? Do you enjoy connecting
with classmates? Do you have an hour (spread
out over four times a year) to volunteer for your
alma mater? If you answered yes, yes, yes, then
have you ever thought about staying connected
to St. Lawrence by becoming the Class Notes writ-
er for the Class of 1991? After 23 years of writing
these columns, I feel that now is the time to ask
which classmate would like to take on this special
assignment of keeping us well informed about
the various life events going on in the wonder-
ful world of the individuals from the SLU Class of
1991. The column is meant to lean more toward
the conversational than the formal, like you’re
talking to a bunch of classmates at a Reunion or
a gathering. The University will even send you
some news clippings from time to time! Maybe
you want to set up a Class of 1991 Facebook
page….the opportunities are endless!
So, if you are interested in becoming a reporter for
this class, please contact Sharon Henry, 315-229-
5585 or
, or Kim Hissong, 315-
229-5837 or
. I thank you all
for reading my column for these many years but I
think it is time to hear another voice!
Lisa Kiene ’92
427West 66th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64113
Facebook: SLU ’92
Next Reunion: 25
, 2017
Chris Gardner ’93
4 Mt. Pleasant Terrace
Newtown, CT 06470
203-364-0822 (home)
203-264-5554 (work)
Fax: 203-264-7098
Next Reunion: 25
, 2018
Kieran M. Killeen '94
11 Beacon Street
South Burlington, VT 05403
802-951-1946 (home)
802-656-3250 (work)
Next Reunion: 20
, May 28-31, 2015
(Cluster with '95, '96)
Samantha C. Bixby ’95
PO Box 5365
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Next Reunion: 20
, May 28-31, 2015
(Cluster with '94, '96)
Shane Gebauer
wrote to say he is disappointed
that our class doesn’t share news as often as most
would like to see, and that sending his own could
motivate others to do the same.
Shane lives in western North Carolina with his
wife, Heather Kirk, and two boys, Braxton and Cor-
mac. They are partners in one of the nation’s larg-
est bee supply companies. “Yup, honeybees,” he
wrote. “I never would have envisioned doing that
for a living, but I really enjoy it.” Brushy Mountain
Bee Farm was named a North Carolina Business
to Watch in 2012, and last year Shane and two
co-owners were named Small Business Persons
of the Year in North Carolina by the Small Busi-
ness Administration. When not at work, family is
the priority, followed by an obsession for playing
competitive racquetball. If there is anyone in the
western North Carolina area, Shane would love to
hear from you.
Kate Rawson Powell
and her family live in Balti-
more; they returned to her husband’s hometown
fromWashington, D.C., 12 years ago, and are rais-
ing two girls, 9 and 6. Kate still telecommutes
part-time as a reporter and editor, covering phar-
maceutical regulation and health care policy, and
also "works" as a very busy volunteer, as a board
member for the Enoch Pratt Free Library (Balti-
more's library system) and the Children's Schol-
arship Fund Baltimore. She also squeezes in a bit
of road cycling, and is gearing up for her second
Ride for the Feast, a 140-mile ride from Ocean
City to Baltimore that supports a local non-profit,
Moveable Feast. Kate often sees
Edie Mead
, who
is living inWashington, D.C., and is a social worker
at Children's National Medical Center. Edie is tak-
ing some time offwhile she and her husband take
care of their first baby, Sybil Holloway DeMatties.
Beth Conlon Colello
moved to Canton in Febru-
ary, during one of the coldest and snowiest years
on record in the North Country. Skiing on the
golf course was great! Beth’s kids, Charlotte and
Beatrice, have declared Sergi’s the best pizza in
town!! (Of course they did! Blue cheese, anyone?)
They are enjoying their new school, which is only
a three-minute walk from home, and they love
the SLU Bookstore. Beth writes, “It seems like ev-
erything on campus has improved tremendously
since we were all here 20 years ago. Everyone
should come back and visit for a reunion if they
can! I've been taking a great class in the ‘new’
Stafford Fitness Center at the Newell Field House
and the facility is beautiful.”When she wrote, her
brother Tim Conlon ’96 was planning a visit in
June. Last summer, Beth caught up with a few
people from the classes of ’94, ’95 and ’96, and
hopes to reconnect with a few SLU people this
summer, but really, how can you not connect with
SLU people when you call Canton home?
I think we are at that age where we are just living
our lives and babies and marriages and careers
are all settled in and aren't "news" anymore, but
I think we can all come up with something once
in a while, right? I will issue this challenge to you,
Class of ’95… let’s have the longest class notes
column next time around, what do you say?
Tanya R. Parrott ’96
9712 Handerson Place, #405
Manassas Park, VA 20111
Next Reunion: 20
, May 28-31, 2015
(Cluster with '94, '95)
Luke Dolce
sent a rather exciting update. He and
wife Sarah have developed an app to help parents
with their children’s smartphone/tablet usage.
They have three children (a daughter, 11, and two
sons, 7 and 4). Luke describes them as“lovely and
amazing but, like most of their compatriots, com-
pletely obsessed with our phones and tablets.”He
says the kids’ arguments about the value of skills
such as perfecting their shots on Angry Birds Star
Wars Edition vs. academic skills such as learning
the correct way to form a letter were becoming
“severely frustrating.”
So for the past year, he and Sarah have been
working on an app “that takes the pressure off
parents or guardians to police what kids are do-
ing with their smartphones and tablets.” The
This 2 Play That
app is more than“just a stopwatch
to control gaming time,” Luke says. Parents sepa-
rate education apps into a category (“Play This”)
and games into another (“Play That”). He contin-
ues, “Parents then set a time that the child must
play the education app before the games are
unlocked. The app holds the child's place in the
game so that there are no tears about getting to
certain levels. Once the game time is up, the app
pauses that game and sends the child back to the
main menu where the child must play more edu-
cational games. The app is password-protected
so the child cannot change any of the settings or
games or exit the app.”
Luke and Sarah’s app is available for Android
devices, but he says they are working on an
iPhone version as well. “This is a true grassroots
initiative,”hewrites. If youwantmore information,
you can check it out on their website: http://
James Cooper
let the ’97 reporter know he is
fighting cancer for the second time. “Coop,” now
a father and husband, is keeping strong, and is
ready to “pick a fight” with this horrible disease
again. Coop and his family are asking for your
prayers. And if all of us help, even a little, it could
take a big burden off of him while he puts all of
his energy into beating cancer once and for all.
Please check out TEAM COOP on Facebook or
go to
Since we don’t have any other news, I want
to take a second to wish my classmates happy
40th birthdays! Many of us are entering a new
decade this year. I’ve seen some great celebra-
tions in my Facebook news feed, and I hope
that the next 40 years bring us as much happi-
ness as the last 40. Don’t forget to send us news
whenever you have some!
Kerri Williams ’97
400 Fingar Rd.
Hudson, NY 12534-4271
(h) 518-828-0842
(c) 518-567-9940
Next Reunion: 20
, 2018 (Cluster with '98, '99)
What can I say, our class rocks!! Once again I have
a lot to share.
My SLU roommate has had an amazing year.
mara Blum
said “I do”to Matt Jacobs on Decem-
ber 15, 2013, in Turks & Caicos! There’s a picture
of them in “Wedding Album.”
Jennifer Khoury Kellar
and husband Takeo wel-
comed their fourth son, Grayson, on August 26,
2013. He joins big brothers Riley, 8, Owen, 5, and
Collin, 2. Luckily, they live in Southern California
(Encinitas) and are able to take advantage of the
warm weather and get the boys outside to tire
them out. Jennifer will be returning to work as a
senior counsel at a large national law firm.
Todd Parker
was recently in San Francisco. He
had the amazing opportunity to have a personal
guided tour of the Mythbusters warehouse by
none other than Jamie Hyneman himself!
Late-90s residents of the Greenhouse theme cottage reunited on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee,
New Hampshire, last summer. From left are
Mike Tremberth ’97, David Hoffman ’97, Rebekah
Abrams ’97, Keith Krejci ’97, Amanda Patterson Kendall ’97, Matt Fellowes ’97, Erik "Smiley"
Johnson ’97
Josh Gannon ’97
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