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On Campus
Senior Stars
A trio of members of the Class of ’14 has received distinguished honors for their academic talents.
St. Lawrence University
Fulbright Scholarship
Allison Paludi ’14
has been awarded
Fulbright Scholarship
to support
her teaching efforts in Kenya. She
is only the eighth Laurentian to
achieve such a distinction. Paludi,
of Delanson, N.Y., took part in St.
Lawrence’s Kenya Program, which
she said “transformed” her as an
individual and as a student. She
was also active with the Global
Dialogue Center on campus.
After her Kenya semester, Paludi
was awarded a research fellow-
ship to return to East Africa to
complete a Senior-Year Experience
at the S.O.U.L. Foundation, an
American-based nongovernmen-
tal organization in Uganda. She
returned after graduating in May
to work as a project manager and
volunteer coordinator until begin-
ning her Fulbright assignment in
Kenya in January.
Kevin Angstadt ’14
, a triple major
in computer science, mathematics,
and German studies from Latham,
N.Y., has been awarded one of the
most highly selective merit gradu-
ate fellowships in the nation. The
Jefferson Scholars Foundation at
the University of Virginia selected
him as one of only 17 recipients of
the highly competitive J
. He will commence his
studies in the fall at UVA’s School
of Engineering & Applied Science
as a Ph.D. candidate in computer
science. In addition to receiving the
full cost of his graduate education,
Angstadt will be given space to work
and conduct research at the Jefferson
Fellows Center, which is designed to
foster interdisciplinary dialog among
the fellows, as well as give them
space to plan, lead and participate in
enrichment programming.
Facundo Rivera '14
has received
a prestigious grant to study
ongoing land disputes among
native populations in Paraguay.
He was awarded the grant for his
project titled “Irrigating the Past,
Harvesting the Future” as part of
the Davis United World College’s
scholar program,
Projects for
. His project will focus on
the Aché aboriginal population,
a hunter-gatherer society that
traditionally lived in the eastern
forests of Paraguay who were
displaced and often enslaved
during the 20th century, but
were able to return to their native
lands in 2010. His study looks at
issues surrounding that return,
as Rivera, who is from Asuncion,
Paraguay, prepares for graduate
school in Switzerland in 2015.
Erik Craft ’86, West Germany
Susanne Steinmann ’91, Morocco
Thomas McFadden ’97, Germany
Brendan O’Dell ’00, Germany
Alexander Tedeschi ’08, Russia
Joanna Fassett ’10, India
Andrew Nguyen Le ’12,
Trinidad and Tobago
From the Senior Conservation
Biology Majors Symposium
“The social, economic and
environmental impacts of wind
farms in Upstate New York”
–Margaret Harrington ’14 and Kendra Sultzer ’14
From the Festival of Community-Based Learning
“St. Lawrence Correctional Facility –
Non-Violent Communication”
–Dominic Brennan ’15, Alison Noble ’17,
Will Madison ’15, Kendra Campbell ‘14
“Campus Kitchens Project –
Serving the Canton Community”
–Margarita Garcia ’17, Coral Peral Garcia ’17,
Katy Swank ’17, Devin Pafumi ‘17
From the Festival of Scholarship and Creativity
“Smoke and Mirrors:
Metafiction in Graphic Narratives”
–Alex Gladwin ’14
“Proximity and Preferences:
How Hydraulic Fracturing
Affects Housing Prices”
–Christina Robichaud ’14
“The Philosophy of Economic Value”
–Ngozi Mogoli ’14
Monologue from
by Euripides
–Matthew John Morrison ’14
From the Department of Sociology
Student Forum, “Sharing the Study
Abroad Experience”
“Islam’s Role in a Modern Danish Society”
–Andrew Alexander ’15
From the Festival of Science
“Weekly Monitoring of River Chemistry
in St. Lawrence County, New York”
–Roselyne Laboso ’14 and Evan Walsh ’14
The end of the spring semester
is the time for students to showcase their research, and each year,
it seems, more and more of them do, testimony, perhaps, to seriousness of purpose, to solid teaching,
and to the fact that research has become such an integral part of every St. Lawrence student’s
experience. Following is but a “drop in the bucket” from the dozens of presentations in various media,
from panels to posters to performances; for more, go to
and search each event.
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