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12 summer 2014 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
his is Gilbert, named after Kaycee
Gilbert '15, who discovered the
snowy owl near the soccer fields on campus
in late winter. When night fell, a team from
Adirondack Raptors came to catch him so
that he could be banded, but realized the
2-year-old male had a moderate injury to
his wing. So, after enjoying (as best anyone
could tell) a brief stay with some conserva-
tion biology majors, Gilbert was off on
his next journey, to a wildlife rehabilita-
tor. Emily Bradshaw '14, who works with
Adirondack Raptors, was closely involved
in Gilbert’s sojourn on campus.
Saint Lawrence Here, Saint Lawrence There
We continue to learn
of “St./Saint
Lawrence” surfacings all over the world.
Last summer, while undertaking a road
trip to explore Canton (the one in
North Carolina) from their home in the
Raleigh, N.C., area, Mayela Calabria
Harris ’87 and her husband, Stephen,
passed through Asheville and came upon
“Basilica St. Lawrence,” above. The sign
identifies Saint Lawrence as “Deacon &
Martyr,” in recognition of his claim to
renown in the Catholic Church.
That designation takes us to Italy, where
Daniel Reiff recently located two repre-
sentations of the noble Saint’s martyrdom,
for the apparent sin of caring about the
poor and downtrodden, on a scorching
gridiron. Left, above, in the crypt of the
Duomo (Cathedral) of Amalfi
which is
dedicated to St. Andrew
is a 1604 statue
of Lawrence, attired as a third-century
deacon, with the fateful gridiron and a
palm frond, the symbol of martyrdom.
A tad more graphically, he is shown suf-
fering on said gridiron, over the main
portal of the Church of San Lorenzo,
right, which dates from the 12th century,
in Portovenere, a northwestern coastal
village. As knowledgeable Laurentians
are aware, reliable sources suggest that
at this point in his life, he said defiantly,
“I am done on this side; now turn me
over,” or words to that effect.
A tip of the SLU cap to Ms. Harris and Dr. Reiff for
sending us the pictures and information. -NSB
Gilbert Will Fly Again
“Are there any SLU sleuths out there who can help us identify this person?”
asks Archives and Special Collections Technician Paul Haggett.
Said sleuths can contact him at
or 315 -229-5956.
n the upstairs of the Herring Library hang the portraits of numerous
St. Lawrence University notables…presidents, trustees, revered
professors. Many of these were executed in the early part of the 20th century by
the noted portraitist Henry Harrison. Most of these individuals are
either identified or are identifiable, but the name of the man shown here
remains a mystery. Painted by Harrison in 1908, the portrait suffered
some damage at some point in its life, but the University plans
to have it restored and hung with the others.
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