EXTENDED LAURENTIAN FAMILY Anne Buydens Douglas, widow of Kirk Douglas ’39, died April 29, 2021, at the age of 102. Together, Kirk and Anne established the Douglas Foundation in 1964, which has donated millions of dollars to a range of charities and institutions, including St. Lawrence University. In 1980, Kirk and Anne established the Kirk Douglas ’39 Scholarship. The scholarship has become one of the University’s most prestigious scholarships supporting students from diverse backgrounds who have financial need and demonstrate excellence in academics and leadership. Each decade, the scope of the Kirk Douglas Scholars Program was expanded. With a pledge of $5 million from the Douglas Foundation, the Douglas’ support of scholarships exceeded $8 million. Forty-eight Douglas Scholars have been named since its inception. Anne and Kirk’s generosity to St. Lawrence was recognized in 2014 when the new residence hall was dedicated Kirk Douglas Hall in honor of their deep devotion to St. Lawrence. Eric Richard Reidel , 75, died January 16, 2020. Eric established his professional credentials with degrees from Rutgers University, Indiana University, and the University of Chicago. He served as a dean of students for 44 years and helped support and inspire hundreds of young scholars at St. Lawrence University, Lake Forest College, Bradford College, Colby-Sawyer College, Kent State University, and Hiram College. As a dean and professor of higher education, he was known as a problem solver, an optimist, willing to compromise, a good listener, a hard worker, and a loyal and trustworthy collaborator. He was a fan of bow ties and was often known as “the singing dean” for his use of song in the classroom and his participation in campus musicals, choirs, and variety shows. Survivors include his wife Karen Anne Zee, his children Helen and Richard, six grandchildren, and countless extended family and friends. IN MEMORY LISTING CLASS OF 1942 Janice Paisley Sherwood , August 27, 2017 CLASS OF 1943 Jean Hutchins Farmer , April 6, 2021 CLASS OF 1944 James W. “Jim” Wilson , April 3, 2021 CLASS OF 1945 Betty Dickerson Thomas , January 31, 2021 CLASS OF 1950 Kenneth “Ken” Daniels , April 9, 2021 CLASS OF 1950 Warren G. Elmslie , November 26, 2020 CLASS OF 1951 Constance McGregor Brown CLASS OF 1952 Anthony V. Bolognesi , March 12, 2000 CLASS OF 1953 Theodore A. “Ted” Jones , February 8, 2021 CLASS OF 1953 Patricia A. Paulsen , November 28, 2019 CLASS OF 1954 Charles M. Dedrick , November 27, 2019 CLASS OF 1954 Donald D. Francois , March 11, 2021 CLASS OF 1954N Joan “Joanie” Eaton Gandrup , June 4, 2018 CLASS OF 1954 Phyllis K. Hyde Howard , February 8, 2021 CLASS OF 1955 Theron E. “Ron” Bastian , March 23, 2021 CLASS OF 1956 Robert C. “Bob” Ernst , February 10, 2021 CLASS OF 1956M William J. “Bill” Lenney , March 5, 2021 CLASS OF 1957M Reuben J. James , January 18, 2021 CLASS OF 1957 Milton F. Spring , March 31, 2021 CLASS OF 1957 Susan Van Alen Sunanda , December 31, 2020 CLASS OF 1959N Gene J. Balzarini , August 28, 2020 CLASS OF 1959 Ronald L. “Ron” Feeley , February 21, 2020 CLASS OF 1961 Edward H. “Ned” Brewer , April 20, 2021 CLASS OF 1963 Barry L. Queen , February 13, 2021 CLASS OF 1963M Benjamin P. “Ben” Renzi , March 22, 2021 CLASS OF 1963N Gwen E. Sibley , March 15, 2021 CLASS OF 1964 Michele Ann Kalwara CLASS OF 1969 Robin J. Leitch , February 21, 1984 CLASS OF 1969 Cassie Charbonneau Parker , 2018 CLASS OF 1970 Bruce D. Dennis , April 10, 2021 CLASS OF 1970 Martha Luckey Hatch , March 19, 2021 CLASS OF 1970N Terry Simpson Wilson , December 4, 2018 CLASS OF 1971M Rene L. Bouchard , March 8, 2021 CLASS OF 1973 Jere A. Urban , March 15, 2021 CLASS OF 1982 Alan J. Fischer , April 11, 2021 CLASS OF 1982M Suzanne “Suzy” Head Whitney , December 30, 2019 CLASS OF 1984 Colleen Heagerty Laymon , April 3, 2021 CLASS OF 2020N Emily Middagh , February 7, 2021 ’In Memory’ is compiled by Alice David. We will publish in “In Memory” detailed memorial notices of the passing of Laurentians if we receive the information from a family member or friend in the form of a previously published notice (typically from a newspaper). Please send notices to Alice David, University Advancement, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617 or adavid@stlawu.edu . We will provide the name and, if available, date of death of others of whose passing we learn, and the complete list of recent deaths can be found on the University’s website at alumni.stlawu.edu. Sharing the news of a death History is Served One hundred years ago, on May 17, 1921, four Laurentians laced up their tennis shoes, grabbed their racquets, and represented St. Lawrence as the men’s tennis team at Colgate in the University’s rst intercollegiate match. It wasn’t a promising start; the St. Lawrence squad was quickly dispatched 6-0. Despite its inauspicious beginnings, the men’s tennis program at St. Lawrence has built a lasting legacy of excellence, teamwork, and Laurentian pride. stlawu.edu/magazine Summer 2021 | 81 80 | St. Lawrence University Magazine IN MEMORY FROM THE ARCHIVES