Every Day a Dog Day

Trainer Andrea Arden '90 is television's go-to dog person

Charlotte Crawford ’16

St. Lawrence has a wider connection to the canine world than the students’ much-anticipated exam week “Doggy De-Stress” days: Andrea Arden ’90, Animal Planet’s pet expert. Arden has appeared on numerous Animal Planet programs, and been a featured guest on many other network and popular television shows (see the photo caption for details).

This high-profile career arose from a humble beginning. While apprenticing for a dog training school after college, she decided to venture out on her own, founding Andrea Arden Dog Training in 1994. 

“I must have inherited an entrepreneurial gene from my father,” she says. “What started as an operation of one, with me being solely responsible for every aspect of the business, has grown into a wonderful team of nine people, all driven by the same goals and all providing much-needed support in a career that can be emotionally taxing.” Arden has been named the best dog trainer in the state by New York, Time Out, W and Quest magazines, as well as by the New York Daily News. 

All of this print and television publicity hardly scratches the surface; in addition to being a published author (four dog training books) and columnist (Dog Fancy and New York Dog magazines), Arden fights for the wellbeing of animals across the country. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which strives to advance the interests of animals through our legal system. She’s also on the Board of Directors of Pets for Patriots, an organization that facilitates the permanent placement of adult dogs and cats with participating military families across America. 

For more than 20 years, Arden and her team have been helping New York dog owners form rewarding and healthy relationships with their canine companions. “In addition to the emotional and social benefits,” she says, “countless studies have shown that dogs are good for our physical health. Basically, dogs make us healthier, happier, and overall better people.” 

Books by Andrea Arden: Barron’s Dog Training Bible, Dog-Friendly Dog Training, Train Your Dog the Lazy Way, The Little Book of Dog Tricks.