Noah '05 and Jean Walker Plotkin '05

Proud Laurentians aid students in multiple ways in honor of 10th reunion year

Neal Burdick '72

We are proud Laurentians, and it has always been our intention to give back to the University that gave us so much,” say Noah ’05 and Jean Walker Plotkin ’05. “We owe a lot to St. Lawrence: our relationship (we met during our first year); our two wonderful children, Meredith and Sam; the amazing experiences we had both on and off campus; and even Jean’s first job out of college.” 

Last year, the Plotkins decided to give back to St. Lawrence, in honor of their 10th reunion, for two reasons. The first was a family tragedy. Noah lost both parents to cancer in 2013, and during his time of healing, he felt a strong desire to give to others, which was always a strong philosophy of his parents.

“The first place we thought of to give to was St. Lawrence, because it was a source of happy memories,” they say. “We wanted our donation to help make students’ lives easier, and (when we learned about) the St. Lawrence Fund Scholars Program, we leapt at it. We know that Noah’s parents would be proud of our decision.”

The second reason was a desire to “pay it forward.”  Jean received significant financial assistance to attend St. Lawrence. She also received a scholarship to help pay for airfare, immunizations and other expenses related to the Kenya Program. She wouldn’t have been able to afford to attend St. Lawrence, let alone participate in the semester abroad, without this help. 

They explain, “We wanted to help other students in a similar situation, so we established the Noah and Jean Plotkin Kenya Travel Fund to allow any student who meets the requirements to experience one of the most amazing study abroad opportunities in the country without fear if financial restriction.

“We are happy to help the next generation of students have the same opportunities that we had, and to continue to make St. Lawrence a place where memories and futures are made,” the Plotkins conclude.

Their 10th reunion, in 2015, gave the Plotkin family the incentive to help St. Lawrence.