Compiled By Meg Bernier Keniston '07, M'09

Share a word, thing, place or phrase that you associate with St. Lawrence, beginning with the letter...”

This was the question we posed to the Laurentian community over the last several months, both on campus and on social media. Our goal? Put everyone’s answers together, in one place. What we didn’t expect were the many memories, stories and emotions our alumni, parents and students shared, too.  Enjoy the responses spanning more than 55 years of graduates. You’ll experience St. Lawrence through the lens of several generations and get a sense of how much has changed yet how much has stayed the same.

Appleton Arena —Howard Rice Jr. ’93

You also said:

Adirondack Chairs —Shannon Mattice ’93

Art and Art History

African-American Studies

Albino Squirrel —Ryan Karklin ’16 

Alma Mater —Janel Smith ’99

Arabic Studies

Augsbury —Cathy O’Hara ’93


ATO —Lori Strauss Bantz ’67 

Asian Studies

Adirondacks —Madeline Poole ’13 

Avenue of the Elms —Lyndsay LaBarge Malcomb ’10 

African Studies

Alumni (because no matter how far I travel, it’s never too hard to find a SLU connection. We’re everywhere!) —Samantha Brumley ’10 

Bacheller Memorial Chime (or “Bells” for short) —Matthew Gardzina ’95

You also said:

Business in the Liberal Arts

Brush Art Gallery —Cathy Tedford

Beta Theta Pi —Charlie Isen ’18

Brewer Bookstore —Madeline Poole ’13  

Bewkes —Liz Miller ’17  

Beta Temple —Ryan Orvis ’17 


Blackbird Café —Paige Friedlander ’16

Bob’s Special —Samantha Yee ’15  

Boonies —Wendy Zolto Smith ’73

Build Your Own Beliefs —Stacy Banfield-Hardaway Millard ’08


You also said:

Caribbean and Latin American Studies 

Candlelight Service —Gillian Himes Hahn ’04

Civic Engagement

Candle in the Wilderness —Gillian Himes Hahn ’04

Chi Omega —Sarah Hunter Neapolitano ’95  

“Chipwich” ice cream sandwiches —Jeff  Lemmer ’90 

Canadian Studies

Caribou Coffee —Kendall Wilson ’06

Catamount Lodge —Jamie Beckingham Rode ’98 

Carnegie —Lorna Nichols Hosley ’68, P ’98

Chemistry —Margaret Smith ’88

Chinese Studies   

Chicken Parmesan —Courtney Goodridge ’15

(The) Clash —Scott O’Connell ’87

Dance Showcase

You also said:

Delta Delta Delta —Patricia Lally-Cahan ’78

Dana Brunch —Cara Sibley ’13  

Dean-Eaton —Lorna Nichols Hosley ’68, P ’98

Derby Days —Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett ’72

Enchanted Forest —Nicholas Sirianno ’12

You also said:

Eggs-O-Larry from the Pub —Matthew Soden ’89


Environmental Activism —Debbie Ali ’16


Eben Holden —Samantha Jean Johnson

Environmental Sustainability —Barbara Beall P’15

Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall  —Liz MicCormick-Ingrim ’06

ECAC Hockey —Tracey Cross-Baker ’90

Estudios Hispánicos

First-Year Program 

St. Lawrence’s First-Year Program was a trailblazer nearly 30 years ago. The FYP “shakes the high school” out of new college students, forging lifelong bonds among first years in a living-learning environment.

You also said:

Frozen Four —Liz Miller ’17

5K Loop in the Woods —Stacey Banfield-Hardaway Millard ’08  

First-Year Seminar, Francophone Cultures —Samiya Haque ’18 

“I am a first-year mom who sat at a hockey game in front of three St. Lawrence grads from the 1960s. I so enjoyed learning about the school through them. One came to Canton from Alabama ‘to see the snow.’ They are all about 75 years old. I think ‘F’ needs to stand for ‘Friends Forever.’ ” —Cathleen Creaser Marsh P’19, P’20 

Gunnison Memorial Chapel  —Daniela Stokes ’15

The chapel, always a favorite building, probably gained even greater stature after the devestating fire in 2013.

You also said:

Global Community —Nicole Eigbrett ’15

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Greek Houses —Debbie Ali ’16  

Going Abroad —Alex Stone ’11

Great Food —Robin Brizee LaPiere P’19


Grilled cheese and tomato soup at the Pub —Tracy Weston ’01

Grasse River —Denise Carey Owens

“Gulick Theatre, where I spent many hours working on sets and lights.” —Tabitha Feldman DeHays ’95

Griffiths Arts Center —Janel Smith ’99

Global Studies

“Gaines, my first home on campus.”  —Gabriela Milanove ’08


Herring-Cole  —Janel Smith ’99

You also said:

Home away from home —Jeff Lemmer ’90 

“Here we go, Saints!” —Liz Miller ’17

(The) Hill News Josh Cameron ’15



I-House —Florencia Soto

You also said:

Ice storms, ice skating —Jeff Lemmer ’90

Italian Studies

Ives Society —Janel Smith ’99  

Irving Bacheller —Janel Smith ’99

International Economics

Java Barn —Nicole Eigbrett ’15

You also said:

Java Quad 

Johnson Hall of Science —Ana Estevez 

Jencks —Liz Miller ’17  

J-Term (“may it rest in peace”)  —Matthew Sodden ’89

Kenya Program —Claire Silberg ’15

You also said:

Kick it for a Cause

Kirk Douglas Hall —Liz Miller ’17

Kappa Delta Sigma & Kappa Kappa Gamma —Liz Miller ’17

KSLU —Janel Smith ’99 

Laurentian Singers 

You also said:

Legacy —Joan O’Brien-Law P’19

Laurentian for Life —Madeline Poole ’13

Lifelong Friendships —Jeff Lemmer ’90

Lampson Falls —Scott O’Connell ’87


You also said:

Music —Joan O’Brien-Law P’19

Mission (as in the University’s) —Calla Bassett ’76, P ’00


Moving-Up Day —Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett ’72

North Country

You also said:

Newell Field House


Northern Lights —Gillian Himes Hahn ’04

Native American Studies

ODY Library —Nicole Bostic ’11

You also said:

Outdoor Program

Opportunity —Elizabeth Dawn Taylor

Outdoor Studies 

Peak Weekend

The idea has been to put students on the tops of all 46 Adirondack 4,000-foot peaks on the same weekend. Sometimes, it works. 

You also said:

Pizza Rolls  —Matthew Soden ’89 

Pub Cookies —Amy McQuigge ’07

Performance & Communication Arts

(The) Quad —Matthew Soden ’89

Yes, we know it’s the Richard F. Brush ’52 University Quad now, but we had to put something under “Q.”


You also said:

Rugby —Jack Fitz ’04

Religious Studies


Rebert —Nicole Bostic ’11

Romoda (College) Rules!  —Melissa Farwell ’00

Squirrels —Ashleigh Lynn

You also said:

Student Organization Fair 

Singing Saints/ Sinners —Kraig Brooks ’86


Squash —Lulu Laubenstein P’15

Springfest —Cara Sibley ’13


Sustainability —David Smith ’15

Study Abroad —Isabel Bogacz ’17

Sports Studies and Exercise Science 

Sunday Sundae —Molly Haskell ’15

Sykes —Michelle McElwaine-Abimbola ’95

Strawberry Breakfast at the Kappa Lodge  —Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett ’72

Treehouses in ODY Library

They’re second-story study carrels, and there are real trees in sight—inside the library—so why not elevate the discourse and call them treehouses?

You also said:

Traditions —Madeleine Poole ’13

Theme houses —Debbie Ali ’16

University Fellows  

The University Fellowship program provides funding and on-campus housing to students to work one-on-one with professors, utilize state-of-the art laboratory equipment, travel for data collection or simply explore their own creative talents. About 40 students are selected each year.

You also said:

(The) Underground —Josh Cameron ’15

Victory Bell —Jenna Street ’15

The Saints football team has been ringing it a lot in the last three years.

You also said:

Visit Day 

Vegan Ravioli at Dana 


You also said:

Waffle Wednesday —Jenna Mead ’17

Wachtmeister Field Station (where I spent afternoons alongside peers and faculty doing research in the environment we were studying.) —Samantha Brumley ’10

X-tra Ranch Dressing

As condiments go, the choice is clear— Dining Services can hardly keep this in stock.

You also said:



Giving St. Lawrence the distinction of having some of the “Coolest Dorms in America,” Adirondack Semester students live in yurts at the Arcadia Village on the shores of Massawepie Lake. Yurts (a word derived from central Asia, meaning “tent-like dwelling”) are 16 feet across and sleep three students, making them bigger than most college residence rooms. Surrounded by nature and completely cut off from civilization, the hardy students live on a 4,000-acre conservation easement with no running water and only the sun to power their village. Yet, they take a full course load and get to enjoy hiking in old-growth forests, climbing one of the 46 High Peaks or kayaking through crystalline waters. Students cook for each other, chop firewood and get to town once every other week to call home. Talk about extreme!

Appleton’s beloved Zamboni, of course!

"A" for Adirondack Chairs
"A" for our beloved Albino Squirrel
"B" for Bells
"C" for Canaras
"D" for Dance Showcase
"E" for Enchanted Forest
"G" for Gunnison
"L" for Laurentians for Life Week
"L" for Laurentian Singers
"N" for the North Country
"P" for Peak Weekend
"Q" for the Quad
"R" for Reunion
"U" for the Underground
"U" for University Fellows
"Z" for Zamboni