What Do Professors Talk About?

From supercluster stars to hockey stars, faculty share their research in a casual setting

Neal Burdick '72

Ever wonder what your favorite professors are up to on the scholarship front? The list of topics presented at the St. Lawrence Faculty Café can give you a good idea. These events take place on campus periodically throughout each semester, and allow faculty members to share their work with each other in a relaxed setting. Part of the hope behind the gatherings, in the words of the organizers, is that they will “inspire lively discussion, helpful feedback and criticism, and interest in future collaborations across disciplines.”

Programs for spring 2016

Vast Structures and Vast Data: The Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster (APPS) Survey — Aileen O'Donoghue, Physics 

Beads, Bangles, and Glass: Historical, Archaeological, and Ethnographic Insights into Glass-Working in South India — Shinu Abraham, Anthropology 

Introducing eSports (Electronic Sports) Analytics with League of Legends — Choong-Soo Lee, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

Time in Health and Disease — Adam Fox, Psychology

No Fooling the Statistical Analysis of Hockey — Michael Schuckers, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

Managing Nature: Water, Plants, and Animals in Ancient Indian Art — Chandreyi Basu, Art & Art History 

Under Pressure: Crushing Predation in the Fossil as Proxy for Variability and Intensity of Species Interactions in Ancient Ecosystems — Judith Nagel-Meyers, Geology