Stylized graphic of the members of the social media team at St. Lawrence

Social Media

A Team Effort

Deborah Dudley

There is a lot of thought that goes into what St. Lawrence shares on social media. What you might not know is that many of your favorite posts or accounts—like the University’s award-winning Instagram account @herewegosaints—have been the brainchild of a small, passionate group of students who meet once a week to come up with and create engaging content they hope you will love.

With the emergence of social media as a critical marketing and communications tool for colleges and universities, St. Lawrence has jumped all in, and, like many institutions, has taken a team approach.

The Social Media Team operates under the leadership of Associate Director of Marketing Meg Keniston ’07 M’09, and includes two paid student directors who collaborate with several student content strategists. Every week, the group meets to take on the challenge of connecting and engaging with various audiences to share Laurentian stories and experiences through the institution’s official social media channels. The students focus their time on the platforms where St. Lawrence engages with prospective and current students most—Instagram and Snapchat, for now—to help them see St. Lawrence from new angles, and to present an unmoderated, authentic perspective.

“Every year, new students tell us that our social media channels stood out to them during the college search process because ours gave them a sense of what joining this community would be like,” Keniston says. “That is absolutely because current students are so involved in crafting our strategy.”

Many colleges and universities work with students to generate social content, but very few actively involve students at the strategic level, giving students the opportunity to inform decisions being made and create content that is both engaging and on message. St. Lawrence’s Social Media Team plays a role in developing strategies to represent the entirety of the St. Lawrence community, which is a continuous challenge but critical to the University’s goals in recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The team welcomes new students in order to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the strategy discussions. By the time team members graduate, they have navigated the ever-changing demands of social media marketing as part of a team, an experience that adds a valuable dimension to their resumes and professional pursuits.

“Some team members pursue internships and jobs that involve communications and marketing, and their involvement with the Social Media Team gives them some quality experience to talk about when interviewing for those positions,” Keniston says. “My goal at the end of every year is that the team has created quality content for St. Lawrence and that I have given them an experience that helps them do whatever they dream of doing after college.”

The 2017-18 Social Media Team

Meg Keniston ’07, M’09, Team Adviser
R. Christopher Di Mezzo ’18, Co-Director
Emily Parent ’18, Co-Director

Sarah Bercovitz ‘19, Christiana Galowski ’19, Elizabeth Hagele ‘18, Colby Hoffman ‘20, Emily Hubbard ‘18, Charlie Isen ‘18, Emma Kroll ’21, Maria Leech ‘18, Will Luke ’20, Eliza Maher ‘20, Reilly Patrick ’20, Kristen Phillips ‘20, Dan Pollis ‘18, Grace Robinson ’20, Sonja Wolke ’20, and Nick Zachara ‘18