Laurentian Leadership Society Holds Third Annual Dinner

Shayla Snyder Witherell ’11

Over 70 members of the Laurentian Leadership Society gathered last spring in New York City for the group’s third annual dinner with President William L. Fox ’75 and his wife, Lynn. Young alumni Carey Kaiser ’14 and Vasileios Prassas ’14 joined Lynn Fox at the podium to discuss the impact of experiential learning opportunities and the alumni network in New York City. As successful young alumni now living and working there, they have benefited immensely from both and are extremely grateful for all of the support. From this Laurentian generosity, Vasileios has learned that “Giving is the most sustainable source of happiness.”

The Laurentian Leadership Society recognizes those donors whose total commitment to the University has reached $100,000. For information about the Society, please email or call 315-229-5730.

President Fox and University Trustee Joan Darrow Corey '74 (left) chat with Judy Frear Thorpe '69 and her husband, Bill.
Among those members present (left to right) were Virginia Ranger Pâ17, Carolyn Streett Simpson â81, Pâ13, Tim Simpson â80, Pâ13, Val Lanigan Ireland â77, Pâ00, Lynn Fox, and University Trustee Joan Darrow Corey â74.
Left to Right: Tom Reilly '83, P'11, '16, Lynn Fox, Carey Kaiser '14, Vasileos Prassas '14. Fox, Kaiser and Prassas spoke about experiential learning and the alumni network in New York City.
Kel and Karen Tyler Pâ09, â16 (left) visited with Charlie â75 and Karen Sivy Daugherty â75, Pâ12.
David â78 and Barb Williams Wiederecht â77, Pâ15 shared stories with President Fox.
Don Jacobson â51 (left) comfortably enjoyed the company of his longtime friend Bill Caldwell â50.