Laurentian Reviews

Rainbow Solomon Crabtree ’99

For the Love of Food and Yoga
By Liz Price-Kellogg ’84 and Kristen Taylor
Skyhorse Publishing, 2015

An awe-inspiring array of stunning photography, accessible yogic teachings and tasty recipes are the three ingredients as a sense of peace and energy flows concurrently throughout this stunning cookbook. One of the authors’ YogiBites yoga teachings offers this: “As we continue to learn from our yoga practices, we have a responsibility to incorporate these lessons into our daily choices.

Liz Price-Kellogg ’84 and Kristen Taylor have invited us into their kitchens, out onto their beloved St. Lawrence River, and into the surrounding forests of the St. Lawrence Valley, and they have succeeded in influencing and inspiring us.

One of the things that I love about this cookbook is the lack of intimidation. The authors invite you to do what you can, with what you have, to “Trust the path that you are on…A practice should not be the same every time. The same ingredients may not be available all of the time, just as certain postures and flexibility may not be available to you from one yoga practice to the next. Accept who you are and what you have in the present.”

You may pick up the book to browse through the beautiful photography, or read through some of the quotes and yoga teachings. But, you will want to bring it home and give it to your loved ones because of the fantastic recipes.

My daughter, Dharma, and I spent a Saturday in the kitchen to test out some of them. We intentionally chose familiar dishes so that we would have a point of comparison. It may not surprise you that we began with “Surrenderings,” the dessert chapter! We set out to make Grace’s No-Bakes but did not have brown sugar in the pantry. So, we took the authors’ advice to accept “what you have in the present” and substituted local maple syrup, increasing the dry ingredients slightly to compensate. Wholesome, but with just enough sweetness, Grace’s No-Bakes have become a favorite school snack for my daughters. They love the crunch of the chopped nuts, which is what set this recipe a touch above our usual approach.

Next, we turned to “Beginnings,” and “Conscious Chicks.” We chose the curry version of this recipe, which yielded a slightly spicy and very flavorful dried chick pea snack. When we purchase these from the store, they are always super-crunchy. We found that we preferred the slightly more yielding crunch of this homemade version, which was also more fresh and flavorful.

Finally, you must try the Raw Deal: Cashew Corn Chowder. Whether or not you follow a raw-food vegan diet, this chowder is over-the-top tasty! We noticed how the sweet corn flavor fully permeated each blissful bite.

For the Love of Food and Yoga is both beautiful and practical. It is perfect for the coffee table, or food-splattered on your cookbook shelf.

Rainbow Crabtree lives in Canton with her husband, Joshua Crabtree ’94, and their daughters Autumn and Dharma. She is co-owner of Nature’s Storehouse and owner of Rainbow Crabtree Birth Doula.