Chicago Botanic Garden Esplanade photographed by Robin Carlson

Q+A: Peter '82 and Katie Raycroft-Meyer '81 on Landscape Design

This SLU couple owns and operates Raycroft/Meyer Landscape Architecture, which they describe as “a small office with significant projects across the country.” St. Lawrence asked them about their business:

How did you get into this line of work?
Katie Raycroft-Meyer: As an undergraduate, I divided my time between the biology department and the art studio. After college, I had no idea what landscape architecture was. I discovered the profession while reading What Color is Your Parachute.

What aspects of it do you consider creative?
Peter Raycroft-Meyer: Design is problem-solving; it is also discovery. Given a certain site, conditions, program, budget and so on, the creative challenge is unifying all these elements into a cohesive, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing original design composition.

How is it interdisciplinary?
PRM: Landscape architecture involves art, architecture, engineering, horticulture, history, geology, sociology and botany, to name a few. We need to understand everything from water management to how people use public spaces.

Why do you like doing what you do? What excites you about each day?
KRM: I love the variety. Depending on the day, I might be on a site visit walking through a beautiful landscape, meeting with a community group about their neighborhood, laying out a project and overseeing its construction, or designing and rendering with my two hands.

Raycroft/Meyer Landscape Architecture is headquartered in Bristol, Vermont. Peter and Katie are the parents of Emma B. Meyer ’13 and Willard M. Meyer ’15. To see more of their work, visit