Personal Space

The online exhibition Personal Space features the Class of 2020 Senior Year Experience (SYE) studio artists: Morgan Barlow, McKael Barnes, Charlotte Bates, Gabriel Craig, Flannery Dillon, Olivia Hart, Raven Larcom, Meiting Li, Annabella Pugliese, Wanqi Wang, and Margeonsol Yang.


Personal Space is more apparent than ever during this time of social distancing and isolation. The title was established before the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic. While making and viewing art remotely, the proximity and spatial relationship between the artists and the audience in a certain respect become more intimate. Spatial terms have forcefully been dictated specifically through the lens of the digital. 

But beyond the current seclusion, the artwork represented in this exhibition communicates ideas of personal connections, intimacy, and memory. Through the use of projection, text, color, graphic design, light, and paint, the artists come together to challenge their audience to consider perceptions of mental and physical space. The works not only attempt to discuss their relationships with their own private and communal histories, but that of the exhibition space in our current times.

The Art Studio SYE course focuses on students developing a creative style and conceptual content by creating a self-directed body of work that is exhibition ready. Students planned, organized, and curated this online exhibit to feature the work they developed during this course.

Visit the online exhibition: