Habari Gani?

Swahili for "What's the News?"

John Linsley '04 (KSP fall '02)

For over a year now I have been an associate director at Putney Student Travel in Putney, Vt., organizing summer high school programs in East Africa, India and the U.S. My fiancé, Erica, and I are living in nearby Brattleboro, Vt., and having fun exploring the trails.

I recently met up with Brendan Shea ’04 (KSP spring ’03) in Boston. He along with co-founder Mark Winterer ’02 directs Recover Green Roofs, a design/build/maintain firm specializing in vegetated “green roofs,” rooftop farms and living walls.

Leah Knickerbocker ’04 (KSP spring ’03) is development director with The Traveling School, a Bozeman, Montana-based organization that runs education abroad programs for high school girls. She got married last summer (see the pages with wedding pictures) and they were planning to go see the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, where her husband works each fall during the bears’ migration season.

Lincoln Davie ’07 (KSP spring ’06), writes, “I’m in my last year of a Ph.D. program in curriculum and instruction at Montana State University, where I am specializing in adventure education. My dissertation investigates the relationship of adventure utilization and the development of leader and teacher efficacy.”

Matthew Carotenuto (KSP spring ’98), associate professor of history and coordinator of African studies at St. Lawrence, published an article on his research on the sport of wrestling and Kenya’s prison system. “Crafting Sport History Behind Bars: Wrestling with State Patronage and Colonial Confinement in Kenya” examines how indigenous forms of wrestling were marginalized by the colonial state and a professional version of the sport reemerged behind the walls of Kenya’s prisons after independence. The article appears online in History in Africa, published by the African Studies Association and Cambridge University.

Eloise Brezault, assistant professor of African and Francophone studies, and Judith DeGroat, associate professor of history, presented papers along with recent graduate Maria Trummer ’15 during their panel discussion, “The Ambiguous Adventure: Challenges of a Complex Identity in the Colonial Era,” at the first International Symposium of the Dakar Institute for African Studies in Senegal.

Check out the October 7 post on the KSP blog (http://blogs.stlawu.edu/kenya), which profiles Kelly Sampier ’15 (KSP fall ’13), Sean Kelly ’15 (KSP spring ’14), Lacey Burns ’15 (KSP spring ’14), Allison Paludi ’14 (KSP spring ’12), Scott Robinson ’12 (KSP spring ’11), Meg North ’10 (KSP fall ’08), and Mark Marchant (KSP fall ’08, Vassar College ’11). All returned from their semester with a desire to connect their KSP experience with their personal and professional goals after graduation. Read about how they did it!

Julia Huber ’14 (KSP spring ’13) is a Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda. In an October email, she wrote, “I will be teaching English and technology classes as well as helping teachers to improve their English. I have two more months of training in Rwamagana, where I am staying with a host family, and then I move to my permanent site,” in the Northern Province.

As always, your news and photos are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you! Tutaonana!

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