Corey Parent '12, Young (Very Young) State Legislator

If you had the chance to return to your hometown to improve the lives of your fellow community members, would you?

Alexa Mitchell '16

Corey Parent ’12, who serves in the Vermont House of Representatives, is doing just that.

“I always had the goal of com- ing back to Vermont, coming back to my hometown, and getting involved however I could,” Parent commented. “I felt a strong voice was needed in the state capital and I stepped up to the challenge.”

Nowadays, the 25-year-old Parent, a native and resident of St. Albans, represents about 8,500 people in northwestern Vermont. He also serves on the St. Albans Downtown Board Committee for Economic Restructuring, is the justice of the peace for St. Albans City and the Vermont State Government, and serves on the Lake Champlain Water Quality and Sportsmen Caucuses boards, working hard to help his community and his state in every way that he can.

While at St. Lawrence, Parent was a member of the SLU Republicans club, was elected Thelmo president, and helped bring back Beta Theta Pi fraternity, which he says helped him learn “a lot about how to get 30 people to work together for a common mission.”

Parent says he still uses that attribute today and that his experiences at St. Lawrence allowed him to gain skills in “listening to and understanding people’s concerns and trying to create an action plan to fix those concerns, moving ahead in the most official way possible.”

His academic preparation also fits well with his current position. Parent double-majored in government and economics and minored in Canadian studies—appropriate for someone whose legislative district borders Canada.

Looking to the future, Parent says, “I will be running for re-election and continuing to use the platform that I’ve built over the past few years to continue working for my home state’s government, focusing, as always, on the needs of my community.”