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Justin Bruckel ’15 and Chris Martin ’15 VBURST Vitamin Shots

“Take your best shot!” is a motto that former Saints ice hockey players Justin Bruckel ’15 and Chris Martin ’15 took off the ice and into the real world. The duo has used the skills they learned as student-athletes to create VBURST vitamin shots. Hill News reporter Rebecca Doser ’16 interviewed them.

RD: What are VBURST vitamin shots?
JB/CM: VBURST shots are a health-based beverage with 12 essential vitamins, a B-vitamin complex for natural energy, and a potent blend of antioxidants and minerals. With our two-ounce liquid vitamin shots, we've created optimal nutrition in one shot.

RD: What spurred your desire to start VBURST?
JB/CM: The idea was born during our senior year. Since our teenage years, our lives
have centered around eating, training and sleeping. Even as college athletes with sound nutrition plans, our diets often failed to meet our nutrient requirements, so we used daily supplements to fill in the gaps. When we grew tired of swallowing capsules and mixing powders, we created a high-quality product that is convenient, has a great taste and is beneficial for our bodies.

RD: What flavors do VBURST vitamin shots come in?
JB/CM: We did not want typical flavors like grape, berry and orange. So we created more exotic fruity backgrounds: green apple, tropical mango, orange-lime, strawberry lemonade.

RD: What sets VBURST apart from products like 5-Hour Energy?
JB/CM: We are not an energy shot. VBURST shots are just vitamins, but consumers can expect to feel a natural lift or natural energy because of a potent B-Vitamin complex.

RD: What are your long-term goals?
JB/CM: We are pushing hard to get into as many convenience stores as possible within the first six months before branching out into fitness clubs, pharmacies and grocery chains. We want to promote healthier living for the growing number of people who under- stand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

RD: How did St. Lawrence help you start your own business?
JB/CM: Juggling a full-time academic schedule along with an eight-month season did not come without its challenges. Planning ahead for missed classes and completing projects early were critical for success in the classroom. In business, time management is equally as crucial. We are always planning ahead so we can get the most out of our days.

Adapted by Meg Keniston ’07, M’09 from The Hill News, Oct. 9, 2015. 

Justin Bruckel â15, left, and Chris Martin â15, creators of VBURST Vitamin Shots.