The St. Lawrence Fund

Nimble, Competitive and Inspiring

Jonathan Brown

“This is how we transform student aspirations into accomplishments.”

That is how Tom Pynchon, Vice President for University Advancement, describes the St. Lawrence Fund. His perspective has been shaped by years of overseeing Advancement—and seeing the Fund’s impact on the University.

“The Fund impacts every student through unrestricted and restricted gifts,” he says. “It offers support in the form of scholarships and assistance with experiential learning opportunities, like internships, research projects, and study abroad programs.”

The St. Lawrence Fund consists of “current use” donations. Pynchon says this type of giving can be used immediately to meet the University’s greatest needs.

Each year, in addition to helping students with their academics, this Fund helps the University attract and retain exceptional faculty, while keeping classes small and dynamic. It also funds constant improvements to the campus technologies and infrastructure that students and faculty depend on.

By providing the resources that help fund the University’s priorities each year, the Fund also keeps St. Lawrence nimble and competitive while continually breathing new life into our liberal-arts culture. 

Pynchon stresses that the St. Lawrence Fund is the first priority in Laurentian giving. 

“In a way, it has become a voice for every Laurentian,” Pynchon says. “It speaks of the generosity and commitment that resonates with each class and across all generations. Through current-use donations, students benefit from the generosity of Laurentians every year.”

Contributions to the St. Lawrence Fund come in all sizes. 

Over the past year, 9,281 donors gave the St. Lawrence Fund $5,744,210.